Armenia Import & Export Data

Armenia was the number 115 economy in the world in terms of GDP, the number 118 in total exports, the number 120 in total imports, the number 109 economy in terms of GDP per capita and the number 71 most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI).

The top imports of Armenia are Cars Gas, Refined Cars, Cars, Packaged Medicaments, and Broadcasting Equipment, importing mostly from Russia, China, Iran, Georgia, and Germany.

The top exports of Armenia are Copper Ore, Gold, Hard Liquor, Ferroalloys, and Rolled Tobacco, exporting mostly to Russia, China, Switzerland, India, and Bulgaria.

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Armenia Import & Export Data

The Armenia import and export data provided by Tendata iTrader offer crucial customs insights for your import export business. This data encompasses product trade trends, HS codes, customs details, information on potential importers or exporters, port statistics, competitor company profiles, and more. To ensure data accuracy and completeness, Tendata sources global import and export data from customs departments, ports, shipping, logistics companies, and other pertinent business sectors. With a dataset spanning from 2005 to the present, Tendata facilitates your analysis and comparison of the latest market trade trends. Additionally, detailed records, including daily commodity trading prices, are at your disposal. For further exploration, reach out to us for a FREE DEMO.

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Cars of Armenia Transaction Trends

By entering the product name or HS code in the Tendata import-export database, you can explore the transaction trends of the corresponding import and export products. Understanding import-export trends assists businesses in formulating strategic decisions, encompassing product development, market expansion, and supply chain management. This aids companies in better adapting to market demands and responding more flexibly to changes. Taking Data of Armenia as an example, the transaction trends for Cars are illustrated below:
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Armenia's Top 10 HS Code for Cars

Through Tendata customs import and export data, you can analyze if there is a demand for importing or exporting your products in the country. You can input the product category name or the 4-digit HS code on the Tendata import-export data platform to check the HS codes for the top 10 product subcategories. For instance, based on Armenia's data, the top 10 HS codes for Cars are as follows:
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Summarized Importers and Exporters of Cars in Armenia

Enter the product name in the Tendata import-export database to get the latest information on Armenia's importers and exporters, including detailed profiles. This allows for a swift identification of potential customers. Tendata import-export data is a convenience for businesses seeking new collaborations and partnership establishment. Using Armenia's import data as an example, the overview of Cars importers is as follows:
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Detailed Contact Information for Armenia's Companies

For businesses and sales, figuring out how to contact potential customers is often deemed crucial. Tendata provides direct and specific contact information for customers, allowing you to reach out through various channels: manager's name, phone number, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Regular market interactions help establish a strong brand image, making it more prominent among potential customers. For instance, for «Ամերիաբանկ» ՓԲԸ established in Armenia, you can check their contact information as follows:
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Trading Trends for Cars at Company

Grasping the recent procurement trends of a specific product within a company is of significant importance in the formulation of corporate strategies and the effective management of operations. This knowledge allows companies to adjust their supply chain strategies more flexibly. If there is a rise in demand for a particular product, companies can promptly adjust their supply chain to meet the demand; conversely, if demand decreases, companies can optimize the supply chain to reduce costs. For example, in the Tendata global import and export database, the recent trading trends for «Ամերիաբանկ» ՓԲԸ's Cars in Armenia are as follows:
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Competitors of Company in Armenia

You may also want to learn about your competing companies. Researching competitors can help you discover opportunities and gaps in the market. If your competitors have succeeded in a particular market segment, similar opportunities may exist, and you can improve your products or services to meet these needs. For example, by searching for Cars, you can see all companies in Armenia that have engaged in Cars trade, which may be your competitors, as shown below:
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The Company's Top 10 Import/Export Partner Countries

If you wish to collaborate with a specific merchant, simply enter the company name in the Tendata import-export database to view the top 10 importing and exporting countries for that company. Based on this import and export data, you can determine whether your potential customer is willing to collaborate with businesses in your country/region. For instance, according to Tendata import data, the top 10 cooperating countries for «Ամերիաբանկ» ՓԲԸ are as follows:
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