Brazil Import & Export Data

Brazil was the number 11 economy in the world in terms of GDP, the number 27 in total exports, the number 27 in total imports, the number 86 economy in terms of GDP per capita and the number 49 most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index.

Brazil imports mainly Machinery, Fuels, Lubricants, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Products, Motor Vehicles and Tractors Parts and Accessories, Crude Oil, Coal, Natural Gas and Wheat Grain. Main import partners are China, the USA, Argentina, Germany, South Korea and Mexico.

The top exports of Brazil are Iron Ore, Soybeans, Crude Petroleum, Raw Sugar, Poultry Meat, Frozen Bovine Meat, and Sulfate Chemical Woodpulp, exporting mostly to China, the USA, Argentina, Netherlands, and Chile.

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Brazil Import & Export Data

Brazil import and export data from Tendata iTrader contains important customs data useful for your import and export trade. These import data and export data include: product trading trends, HS codes, customs data, potential importers' or exporters' information, port, competitor companies, etc. In order to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the data, Tendata collects global import and export data from global customs departments, ports, shipping, logistics companies and other business sectors. Tendata has global import and export data from 2005 to the present to help you compare and analyze the latest market trade trends. There are many more detail records such as daily commodity transaction prices, if you want to know more, please contact us and Get a Free Demo.

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Fuels Transaction Trends in Brazil

With these transaction trends, you can analyze whether there is demand in that country for import or export your products. By inputting the product name into the Tendata Import and Export database, you can view the transaction trends for that import and export product. For example, based on the data from Brazil, the transaction trends for Fuels are as follows:
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The Top 10 HS Code of Fuels in Brazil

With these HS codes and customs data, you can analyze whether there is a demand for importing or exporting your products in this country. You can find out the product HS codes of the top 10 import and export subcategories of the product by entering the product broad category description or HS shortcode on the Tendata import and export data platform. For example, according to the data of Brazil, the top 10 HS code of the product for Fuels is as follows:
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Summarized Importers and Exporters of Fuels

If you manage a specific product, input the product name on the Tendata import and export database, and you will be able to check the summarized importers and exporters and their detailed information. You can quickly find your potential customers from the aggregated importers and exporters. For example, according to Brazil import data, the summarized Fuels importers in Brazil are as follows:
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The Company Contact Information in Brazil

For a potential customer, you may feel that how to contact the customer is the most important thing. Tendata provides the customer's contact information directly, allowing you to contact the customer through various channels: manager name, email, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. For example, for John Deere Brasil Ltda company built in Brazil, we can see their contact information as follows:
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Trading Trends for Fuels at Company

It is important to do a good company analysis before contacting a potential client directly. This determines your marketing approach and can double your closing rate. Among other things, you need to understand the company's trading trends for your product, which determines which months the company prefers to import and export the product and whether there is a recent desire to import and export the product. For example, the recent trading trends for Fuels of John Deere Brasil Ltda company in the country of Brazil in Tendata global import export database are as follows:
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Competitors of Company in Brazil

You may also want to find out about your competitor companies. Researching competing companies through potential customers or repeat customers is an easy way to do this. By entering a product description or company name into the Tendata Import/Export database, and clicking and viewing new suppliers of competing companies or potential companies, you can get a closer look at competing companies to adjust your marketing strategy. For example, by looking at the Fuels of the company John Deere Brasil Ltda in the country of Brazil, you can see your competitors as follows:
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