All-in-one Emailing Management Tool
Industry-specific 90% High Arrival Rate,36,000 Annual Exposure Rate
Over 20 Email Channels
Over 10 Spam Filtering Programs
High-End Professionals, International Standards and Enhance Corporate Image
In accordance with International Marketing Standards, we enhance corporate image and increase email open rates
Accurate and Effective, Multi-Dimensional Activities report,In-Depth Follow Up Tracks
Analyze email-reading tracks,Track history and content mail delivery
What Will You Get From iPoster?
*36000 Annual Exposures, Leading and Unique
Over 20 email delivery providers around the world who analyze communication channels and achieve an arrival rate of over 90%. We have a flawless email search system automatically importing accurate email addresses and more than 10 types of filtering programs that increase email open rate to over 20% in order to bring more annual exposure.
Arrival Rate
Open Rate
Annual Exposures
Template to Enhance Enterprise Image
With multiple sets of smart templates, you only need to fill in the information and the system will automatically generate the emails. The templates structures follow international customs to help improve corporate image and levels of professionalism. All the data will be stored in the cloud.
Customer Progress and Trajectories Analysis Report
Accurately locate customer's distribution areas and track you emailing records to avoid any loss of customers and inquiries.
Avoid Customer lost
Track sub-account actitives any time
Share and manage customers to improve work efficiency
Avoid customer loss from staff turnover
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