Find suppliers and Potentoal Target
Customers By Global Trading Data
Learn global markets by trade data and stay ahead of competitions
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Find suppliers and Potentoal Target
Customers By Global Trading Data
Learn global trade by data,stay ahead of the competition
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Global countries import & export
and shipping data


Integrated internet and social media data from 141 countries


over 20 types of
analysis reports


Trade Records

Customs Data

Global Trade Data

Customs data contains comprehensive shipment details of trade activities of global importers and exporters which covers Importer, Exporter,Companies Name, HS Codes, product descriptions, weight, value, quantity, origin, destination, countries, ports, etc.

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Africa Oceania

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Eurasian Shipping Data

Global Trade Data

EU and the Asia Data contains important business intelligence information about trading activities of countries that is useful for primary research. It covers – Shipment Date, HS Code, HS Code Description, Quantity, Value, Origin and Destination Country, Port of Loading and Departure etc. It do not contains company names.

130 Million Buyers List,Expand More
Potential Customers Faster

Our database contains over 130 million trackable companies that allows you to quickly find target buyer and suppliers of your prodcuts by searching key decision-maker names, tel, email, social media etc. At the same time, we also send potential customers in the supply chain,such as factories, distributors, engineering companies and shopping malls

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Data Analysis - Professional Reports and Charts of
Global Importer and Exporter Countries Distributions.

Our trade analysis system which classifies 1 billion+ trade records by Search Engine and Data Analysis can professionally analyze the distribution of import and export of
your products, listing out customs detials, purchasing habits, procument heat, prices, etc. positioning products, and efficient saleary cost of sales and

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Detailed charts and data views buyers
and suppliers and competitors

Market top 10 buyers and suppliers analysis, detailed market share and ranking analysis, let you better understand yourself

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