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    Viola Zhuang
    Overseas BD Manager
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    +86-21-60898388 EXT 8513
    +86 15618926470(Mobile)
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Channel Joining

2018,National manager and franchisee group photo

2017,Team group photo

2013,Xiamen, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Foshan, Shantou

2012,Changzhou, Dongguan, Shijiazhuang, Nanjing, Suzhou

2010,National franchisee group photo

Channel Joining Conditions

  • Who

    Individuals or teams who want to engage in foreign trade services, related service or B2B experience are prefered.

  • Requirements

    A term of 3-5 members will keep your benefit continuous.

  • Joining Fees

    Pay joining fee as stipulated in the franchise agreement.

  • Environment

    A 30+ square meter office will make your work more efficient, more self-disciplined, and a professional company will help attract best sales talents.

  • R&O

    During franchise period, the rights and obligations must be fulfilled by both parties in accordance with Agreetment.

  • Marketing

    During the franchise period, the team can jointly maintain the brand and reputation of Tendata; during the franchise period, the team can carry out normal sales activities according to the market promotion system, and must not maliciously compete with other teams.

Channel Joining Procedures


Excellent Franchisee Cooperation Reward

Tourism meeting 2 times/year
Excellent joining team has team building activity 1 time/year
The best sales team abroad tour 1+ times/year
The best execution team has annual surprise gift 1 package/1 time

Excellent Franchisee Cooperation Reward
Achieving the future in the ordinary destined for the extraordinary Lions Corps

Mr. Wen Huasheng

Head of Branch Office

In 2009, Yiwu Branch was established. The head of the branch, Mr. Wen Huasheng, with the courage to dare to fight, thru six years, from the hero by "an electric bike and a briefcase" to a "commander in chief of a army group". Even more enjoyable is that in the past 2014 and 2015 Finance years, Mr. Wen Huasheng and his team created revenue of 3.5+ million for the company. In that situation, the future can be expected! He and his team will become the pride of Tendata, and has been written into Tendata's growth history.

Mr. Andy Pan

Head of Branch Office

In May 2012, the Changzhou branch was established. Two months later, under the leadership of "master" Andy, the performance of the corps attracted the attention of all the TENDATAers. With the continuous growth,the Invincible Corps opened their fabulous legendary journey. In 2013, Changzhou Branch hired more talents and in the same year, the commitment of the Million Corps realized. In 2014, relying on the operation of the general office administrative system, financial system and perfect customer service system, they grew into a benchmark among the branches of Tendata and their performance increased by 86% over the same period. In the fiscal year of 2015, their myths remain undiminished. "Invincible Corps" is proud of having you, looking forward to your blast again! Yeah!