Concentrate on International Trade, Focus on Data Analysis
  • Information Coverage
  • Customs data of 63 countries and more than 2 Billion import and export detailed transaction records
  • Trade Info
  • Multiple search conditions for detailed information of each cross-border transaction such as exporter, importer, merchandise, volume, sum, origin, carrier, port of departure and port of arrival.
  • Market Analysis
  • Nearly 20 types of market analysis reports. Customizable and multi-dimensional statistics and visual analysis.
What Will You Get From T-info?
Global Trade Trends and secure Target Market
Understand Global Market Trade Trends and Distribution, and Quickly, Accurately and rationally Locate Popular and Emerging Markets
  • Target Customers and Explore Opportunities
  • Quickly acquire target customers according to their purchase prices and preferences. Compare historical data to quickly and accurately identify new customers and provide the latest customer opportunities
Monitor Competitors and Await Opportunities
Various types of analysis reports that allow you to capture major export markets and customers. Through volume and price analysis of competitor’s transactions and supply chain analysis of target customers, highlight your competitive advantage and help you occupy more market share.
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