121 Million Buyer Contacts

Fast Screening, One Click to Export Precise Customers

With 10 billion records scrolling every day, you can quickly screen out 121 million executives and decision-maker contacts, including email, phone, social media, etc., and simultaneously display the company's yellow pages, product images and web sites.

   Smart Emailing + Meeting Invitation

Smart Emailing + Meeting Invitation

Our data system also includes the function of sending smart email templates, and the email arrival rate is increased by about 80% and we also have 168 overseas service providers to assist in the appointment setting and business negotiation.

Quickly Expand Your Customer Base and Discover More Potential Customers

In the era of Internet data, relying on exhibitions and manpower to get targeted buyers and suppliers is an extremely cost consuming and inefficient behavior,so you need to ensure that your energy is spent in the right place. With more than 130 million traceable companies, Tendata's data allows you to quickly find target buyers and suppliers. At the same time, we also send you potential customers from upstream and downstream of the supply chain, such as factories, distributors, engineering companies and shopping malls.

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One Click to Acquire Executive Contact Info

Through Tendata, you can view real contact information of 130 million global companies,internet searched data of 141 countries. We have combined their contact information with corresponding trade data.All you need to do is focus on sales.

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Accurate Customer Data Helps You Improve Customer Exploration Efficiency and Reduce Risks

Our multi-dimensional data contains news, company structure, changes of executive names, finances, etc. We can help you identify decision makers accurately and develop customers efficiently.

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