Locking Target Market

Analyze the Distribution of Major Imp&Exp Countries

With 10 billion+ trade data, accurately analyzed distribution of global target import and export countries, details of import and export customs, and the environment of the target country market can be fully demonstrated.

Position Product Sales

Learning about global market buying trends and details

Our data includes product purchasing habits, procurement popularity, procurement data volume, preferences, and accurate analysis of product purchases, product models, prices, popularity, etc.

Competitive Environment Analysis

Mastering Your Own and Competitor Share

The state of market competition is vital. The data accurately analyzes the competitive environment and the market status, and lets you know how to fight against each other.

List of Potential Customers

Tracking the list of potential customers in the markets

The data shows not only the buyer list, the upstream and downstream suppliers of the buyer, the sales target, but also maybe your next customer.

Completely analyzing major import and export country distributions, and identifying development markets

Our existing 63 countries with 10 billion+ data can basically analyze the distribution of import and export of your products, the details of import and export customs, and the first step in developing the market is to quickly, accurately and scientifically understand the importing countries of your products. Distribution, screening high value areas

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Target market analysis
Country of origin
Port of destination

A comprehensive understanding of global market purchasing trends and details Precise positioning of product sales

Our data includes market product purchasing habits, purchasing heat, purchasing data volume, preference, and accurate analysis of product weight, model, price, heat, etc., allowing you to serve buyers at the right time, to position products, to sale efficiently, to reduce unnecessary cost of sales and risk.

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Tracking product upstream and downstream industry chain Positioning Buyers

The whole industry chain of product sales is where your business opportunities are. Perhaps there is your next customer in the suppliers of Top10 buyers. The customer's new supplier is maybe not the opponent. The buyer's sales customer may be your next customer.

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Understanding the Proportion of Yourself and Your Competitors

Positioning Competition

A buyer maybe has many suppliers and they may not be the same every month. Maybe he is constantly adding new suppliers, maybe he is more inclined to choose your competitors. Do you really know the market share and ranking of your competitors?

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