Why Choose Tendata CRM?

Integrate global trade data, Tendata CRM software built for fast-growing trade sales

  • Sales Efficiency

    Unified Tendata CRM tools, trade data support, precise customer labels, clear transaction indicators, and easily identifiable work items.
  • Customer Activation

    Relying on 10 billion global trade data, Tendata CRM software accurate and detailed clues, clear customer classification, and evidence-based activation of potential customers.
  • Team Effectiveness

    The Tendata CRM has intelligent cooperation mechanisms, share customer resources, performance PK, visualization of the sales process, production and financial cooperation, etc., contribute to the steady improvement of team efficiency.
  • Performance Growth

    Digitizing business processes, Tendata CRM software improving efficiency in sales, marketing, management, finance, and other aspects, gaining intelligent insights into business growth points, and ultimately achieving sustainable performance growth.
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How Tendata CRM Works?

More Intelligent, Efficient, Convenient, And Secure

What the Unique Advantages of Tendata CRM

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Deep Integration
With Import Export Data

Integrating with import export data provides dynamic data support for customer acquisition. Users can seamlessly transition from Tendata CRM to foreign trade platforms, gaining insights into customer dynamics.
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Rapidly Develop Team's
Key Account (KA) Customer Development Capabilities

By deeply integrating product features with business processes, every step can be traced, Tendata CRM platform allowing for the rapid development of the team's KA customer development capabilities.
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Accumulate Customer Resources
For Your Company

Tendata CRM possesses a vast amount of data, allowing for the quick identification of key contacts and the accumulation of more customers for the company.
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Easily Reactivate
Your Dormant Customers

Tendata CRM automatically group customers, target specific customer segments, and facilitate efficient internal circulation of both public and private customer resources, thereby reactivating dormant customers.
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Break Down Data Silos
Promote Collaboration And Sharing

Connect multiple systems and enable data exchange, enabling salespeople, managers, and finance departments to operate within the same Tendata CRM software system for more efficient and collaborative team management.
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Cloud Storage For Secure
And Reliable Data Management

Customer information can be securely stored in the Tendata CRM cloud, ensuring data integrity. It allows for seamless communication with customers, and provides the ability to export and backup customer information anytime and anywhere.

Now, with 50000+ importers and exporters to promote company revenue growth.

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