About Us

Tendata is a comprehensive information service provider based on big data + artificial intelligence, focusing on data collection, mining, application and service in the field of international trade and promoting services through industry consultation. Tendata provides a total solution for overseas marketing.

Shanghai Tend Information and Technology Co., Ltd. (Tendata) is headquartered in Lujiazui Financial District. Since its establishment in 2005, Shanghai Tengdao Data has provided effective services for 20,000+ domestic and foreign export enterprises with marketing programs for overseas markets and customer management services.We have experienced product development team and after-sales support department.

Technology Promotion
We upgrade the open data, and three databases of trade, commerce and internet have been connected online in the same time.
IPO Plan
As the company continues to grow, in 2016, subsidiary companies of Shanghai Nongchibao and iworku were established. Shanghai Tengdao launched the listing process and continued to move forward.
Product Upgrade
Tendata upgraded iTrader and successively lauched new products such as iSeeker and iPoster.
Established in Shanghai
Tendata was founded in Shanghai, iTrader 1.0 launched at the same year.
Product Upgrade
Our database upgrade, including added the business data from 198 countries, added Eurasian shipping data, and supply chain company is established.
Strategic Cooperation
During 2013-2015 of Strategic Cooperation, Tengdata merged Firstinfo Intelligence Co., Ltd., provided research information on“One Belt, One Road”for Fudan University and reached strategic cooperation with D&B.
Rapid Development
In the past 5-year rapid development, Tendata successively set up more than 20 branches in Guangzhou, Yiwu, Jinhua and Zhengzhou, etc., and overseas version of Tradeinfo365 was launched.

About Us


-Founder & CEO-

Cheng XU


About Us

Tendata has an independent technology research and development team, applying for dozens of national patent technologies, and new technologies and new software products are constantly being produced every year.

Shanghai Tendata won the title of Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise in 2016, and won the title of Shanghai Double Push Enterprise for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018. In 2018, Tendata was selected as one of the high-growth enterprises in Shanghai software industry. In 2019, Tendata was selected as one of China's cross-border e-commerce 50 members. In the process of development, Shanghai Tendata has been recognized and helped by the government, industry and professional departments. Thanks to the support from all walks of life.