Tendata and Cross-border Data Technology Jointly Establish "International Digital Trade Service Joint Laboratory“

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export import business,import business,tendata news,ten data,tengdao,tendta,Itrader,itrader login,shanghai ten,t-radar12-05-2023

On August 10, 2022, Tendata participated in the "Data Circulation Technology Innovation Series Achievement Release Conference" held in the Lingang New Area of Shanghai, and signed a contract with Cross-border Data Technology (CBDT) to jointly establish the "Shanghai International Data Port Joint Innovation Laboratory - International Digital Trade Service Joint Laboratory," injecting strength and power into the development of the digital economy.

Tendata News,tendata,tendata data

As an important carrier of national strategy, the Lingang New Area relies on the pilot operation of the "International Data Port" to achieve the first enterprise's pilot assessment of secure crossborder data flow and the establishment of an international dedicated channel for internet data, promoting the trial operation of the National (Shanghai) New Internet Exchange Center.Trade Service Joint Laboratory," injecting strength and power into the development of the digital economy.

Tendata News,tendata,tendata data

Under the guidance and support of the Lingang New Area Management Committee, CBDT was jointly initiated and established by Lianhe Investment, Shanghai Trust Investment, and Lingang Science and Technology City Corporation, actively contributing to the development of the international data industry and the construction of the international data port, as well as facilitating convenient information exchange through the "trial operation in advance" approach.

During the conference, the Lingang New Area announced the phased achievements in the field of data circulation and unveiled ten joint laboratories, including "Crossborder Digital Trust, Data Circulation Security and Compliance Governance, International Data and Computing Power Services, International Financial Data Services, and International Digital Trade Services."

Tendata News,tendata,tendata data

In the future, these joint laboratories will vigorously promote innovation and research in crossborder data circulation pilot programs, international data services, digital trade, data governance, data security assessment, and the construction of an international digital trust system. They will also further promote the transformation of innovative results and foster leading enterprises in related industries.

As one of the initiators of the "International Digital Trade Service Joint Laboratory," Tendata focuses on the global demand for digital trade development, comprehensively collects digital traderelated data and resource elements, researches and develops the global enterprise intelligent analysis and decisionmaking model for international digital trade, builds a digital trade support system with global service capabilities, expands digital technology services, digital content services, digital platform services, and "both ends overseas" data services, and supports the construction of the "International Data Port" by creating a series of international data services and digital trade benchmark projects. Tendata contributes to the development of the digital economy!

Tendata News,tendata,tendata data

From tools to platforms, and then to a digital crossborder trade integration service provider, Tendata is continuously realizing digital product services to promote highquality development in different industries, providing specialized and comprehensive digital trade application solutions for global import and export enterprises, logistics, scientific research, finance, government, industry organizations, and other institutions.

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