What is the Tendata's price?

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export import business,import business,tendata news,ten data,tengdao,tendta,Itrader,itrader login,shanghai ten,t-radar09-08-2023

tendata,tendata trade data,tendata itrader,tendata price

Ⅰ. What Is the Customs Data Query Platform

Customs data query platform platform can help users quickly and easily find out about the import and export trade situation and information.

For example, Tendata iTrader platform, 10 billion + trade data, accurate analysis of the distribution of global target import and export countries, import and export customs zone details, the environment of the target country's market, can be shown in detail.

Ⅱ. Usage

Customs data query platform can help enterprises quickly understand the flow and direction of global import and export goods, so as to develop corresponding marketing strategies. We first search for active trade buyers with clear purchasing intention in the world through multi-dimensions such as product name, HS code, importer/exporter name, SCI code and so on in one click. Then we analyze their supply chain relationship and why we need to analyze the supply chain relationship!

Ⅲ. Advantageous Features

1. Rich data sources. Tendata Customs Data Query Platform can provide massive trade information, import and export enterprise dynamics, commodity information, etc., providing users with comprehensive, accurate and timely foreign trade information.

2. Full-featured. Tendata Customs Data Query Platform can not only develop new customers, but also analyze the market and monitor customer peers.

3. Easy to use. Customs data query platform interface is simple and clear, the operation is convenient and easy to get started, so that users can easily grasp and make full use of the required data resources.

Ⅳ. How to Use Tendata 

Tendata iTrader, with 80+ countries' customs data, 198 countries' business data, 130 million buyers' database.Tendata iTrader has 10 billion trade data rolling every day, which can quickly and intelligently screen out 121 million executives and decision-makers' contact information, including email, phone, social media, etc. Tendata iTrader can also provide you with the information you need to make the best use of the customs data.

Tendata iTrader can also synchronize the display of company yellow pages, product images and URLs, while providing 17 visual reports to help foreign trade enterprises accurately locate and analyze the market, so that you can quickly find the precise buyers and suppliers you need. (>>> Click to apply for free trial)

tendata,tendata trade data,tendata itrader,tendata price

Step 1: Find Your Global Prospects in One Click

Tendata iTrader will 80+ countries customs data + 198 countries and regions business data + 141 countries Internet data, three databases are fully connected, a search, no need to wait, the global target customers 0.01 seconds to present. (>>> Click to find global buyers)

tendata,tendata trade data,tendata itrader,tendata price

Step 2: Quickly Analyze Whether They Are Your Target Customers or Not

Tendata iTrader provides in-depth customer information, can help us analyze the details of the buyer, provides a large number of executives' personal contact information, which is very valuable sales information. (>>> Click to analyze your target customers)

tendata,tendata trade data,tendata itrader,tendata price

Step 3: Send Emails to Contact Your Potential Customers

Tendata iTrader is an industry-exclusive email marketing sending integration tool, providing professional high-end, internationalized standard templates to improve email open rate. Help you continue to follow up with customers, to avoid customer follow-up is not timely resulting in the loss of customers, and customers to reach a long-term cooperation. (>>>> Contact us with Whatsapp)

Ⅴ. Tendata's Price

Depending on the number of databases, the number of people using them, and the number of years purchased, the price you need to pay varies. For specific prices, please click the following link to inquire:

>>>Get Tendata's Price<<<

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