2023 Tendata Sharing Event“Growth in the Digital Era”- Changzhou Station

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export import business,import business,tendata news,ten data,tengdao,tendta,Itrader,itrader login,shanghai ten,t-radar09-06-2023

President Ji Bin and Vice President Ouyang Jun of the Changzhou International Trade Promotion Committee, along with other leaders, attended the event to provide on site guidance. The first stop in Changzhou invited several trade experts to share their experiences, providing companies with new insights and directions. Nearly 600 entrepreneurs and executives attended the event, joining industry experts in discussing "The Path to Precise Growth in the Digital Era."

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1. Opening Remarks: Leading the Digital Transformation of Enterprises

The conference commenced with Mr. Ji Bin, President of the Changzhou International Trade Promotion Committee, delivering his speech, interpreting the current trends and situations in new formats of foreign trade. He pointed out that since the beginning of 2023, China's exports have been facing a significant contraction in external demand, frequent occurrence of international black swan events, and added pressure from supply chain relocation. As a result, China's foreign trade exports are encountering a challenging new development phase.

Tendata,Tendata iTrader,Tendata Event

Mr. Ji Bin proposed that in order to promote highquality development of foreign trade, Changzhou will continuously optimize its trade structure, vigorously support the development of foreign trade, encourage foreign trade enterprises to expand sales channels through digital new models, cultivate independent brands, and seize opportunities. At the same time, he pledged that the Trade Promotion Committee will actively build platforms and collaborate with comprehensive digital international trade service providers like Tendata to assist enterprises in Changzhou in their digital transformation.

2. Navigating the Era of Low Growth - Market Insights

How can traditional exports foster new growth thinking and models? In the digital age, only through precise market insights and targeted marketing can we find our space to thrive!

Mr. Yan Jide, a B2B international marketing consultant and practitioner of brand globalization, shared insights on "Navigating the Era of Low Growth - Market Insights."

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He pointed out that the majority of B2B foreign trade companies are currently facing a problem: the lack of precise customeroriented approach. Therefore, businesses need to identify the latent needs of major clients, understand their decision-making habits and procurement dynamics in order to provide differentiated services more effectively.

He cited a comprehensive research report on American food companies conducted by the Key Account Department of Tendata, emphasizing the importance of focusing on customer profiling. Through data analysis and research, it is crucial to develop Key Account profiles and conduct demand analysis, gain deep insights into the value chain segments where customers are positioned, and reconstruct product and service systems from a consumer-centric perspective, ultimately achieving precise growth.

3. Huishu Group - The Secret Behind Rapid Growth

Digital transformation has become a fervent topic of discussion for many foreign trade companies. Huishu Group, under the leadership of Chairman Chen Xiang, has successfully found the entry point for digital transformation through exploration. They have led the team in transitioning from offline to online, making remarkable progress on the path of digital transformation.

"Tendata in customer acquisition, bringing us more targeted customer groups," CEO Chen pointed out. He mentioned that their company has relied on Tendata's international trade platform, which not only helps analyze customers but also enables long-term exploration to uncover the hidden value of customers. This is the essence of digital transformation.

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Utilizing digital tools is a necessary path for business development and upgrade. Excellent foreign trade professionals are adept at thinking about how to improve their work efficiency and break through limitations through effective methods and tools. "There are no obsolete industries, only obsolete companies," CEO Chen said. In the future, Huishu will continue to leverage the power of digitalization to find new growth points for products, ensuring the standardized and sustainable development of the company.

4. Venturing Abroad - The First Stop: Vietnam

At the conference, Mr. Wang Li, the General Manager of Tendata Vietnam, analyzed the reasons for choosing Vietnam as the first stop for international expansion. He provided a detailed introduction, covering various aspects such as the investment status of Chinese enterprises in Vietnam, industrial distribution in Vietnam, investment policies, and investment costs in Vietnam.

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Mr. Wang, the CEO, stated, "Every company hopes to have its own brand and establish a prominent position alongside global brands. By utilizing digital management tools and a localized professional team, we can ensure more standardized company and factory management, leading our company, factories, and teams on a solid and sustainable path."

He mentioned that their company has already assisted numerous listed companies and leading manufacturers in successfully expanding into Vietnam. Furthermore, he firmly believes that their team will explore a more mature model in Vietnam, thereby better assisting Chinese companies in venturing into the Vietnamese market.

5. The Digital Wave

Digitalization is vast, extending to cover the entire world; yet it is also minute, encapsulated in seemingly insignificant on-site data.

Tendata deeply understands the importance of digitalization for businesses. The "Navigating the Era of Low Growth - Market Insights" 2023 National Roadshow Seminar, held as the first stop in Changzhou, brought new ideas and practical knowledge to foreign trade enterprises. It has enabled more foreign trade companies to recognize the significance of digitalization for international expansion. Additionally, it provided solutions to address current challenges in the foreign trade environment and the process of international expansion. The invited foreign trade enterprises greatly benefited from this event.

We look forward to seeing more foreign trade enterprises bravely ride the wave of digitalization and forge ahead with determination!

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