South Sudan's Participation in Regional and International Trade Agreements: Influences on South Sudan Exports

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ten data blog10-07-2023

When it comes to international trade, regional and international trade agreements play a significant role in shaping the export landscape for countries around the world. In this article, Tendata will delve into the regional and international trade agreements that South Sudan is a part of and how they can influence its exports. Understanding these agreements is crucial for South Sudanese exporters to leverage opportunities and enhance their export potential.

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East African Community (EAC):

South Sudan became a member of the East African Community in 2016, opening doors to a larger regional market. The EAC aims to promote economic integration, trade facilitation, and investment among its member states. Being part of the EAC provides South Sudan with preferential access to the markets of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. Exporters can benefit from reduced tariffs, simplified customs procedures, and harmonized regulations within the EAC.

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA):

South Sudan is also a member of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, which is a free trade area comprising 21 member states. COMESA aims to promote regional integration, economic cooperation, and development among its members. Through COMESA, South Sudanese exporters can access a larger market of over 500 million consumers. The trade agreement offers preferential tariff rates, trade facilitation measures, and opportunities for investment and collaboration.

African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA):

South Sudan has signed the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement, which aims to create a single market for goods and services across the African continent. AfCFTA provides a platform for South Sudanese exporters to expand their market reach beyond regional boundaries. By eliminating tariffs and trade barriers, it promotes intra-African trade and boosts economic growth. South Sudan can tap into new export opportunities and establish partnerships with other African countries.

Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Agreements:

In addition to regional agreements, South Sudan has been engaging in bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with various countries and organizations. These agreements foster economic cooperation, open up new export markets, and provide favorable trade conditions. For example, South Sudan has trade agreements with Sudan, Ethiopia, and other neighboring countries that facilitate cross-border trade. Exploring and utilizing these agreements can enhance South Sudan's export potential.

Implications for Exporters:

Being a part of regional and international trade agreements offers several advantages for South Sudanese exporters. It provides preferential access to markets, reduces trade barriers, and enhances competitiveness. Exporters should stay updated on the provisions and benefits of these agreements to leverage opportunities effectively. Understanding the rules of origin, compliance requirements, and documentation procedures is crucial for maximizing the benefits of trade agreements.


South Sudan's participation in regional and international trade agreements opens up avenues for expanding export opportunities. Through the East African Community, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, African Continental Free Trade Area, and bilateral/multilateral agreements, South Sudanese exporters can access larger markets, benefit from preferential trade conditions, and foster economic integration. By staying informed, engaging in trade promotion activities, and building strong business networks, South Sudan can harness the potential of these trade agreements to drive export growth and contribute to its overall economic development.

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