Are There Any Trade Agreements or Preferential Trade Programs That Benefit Exports of Ohio?

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ten data blog18-07-2023

In this article, Tendata will explore whether there are any trade agreements or programs that specifically benefit the exports of Ohio, a state known for its diverse range of exported goods. Understanding the existence and implications of such agreements and programs can provide valuable information for businesses and policymakers seeking to enhance the exports of Ohio. Let's delve into the details and examine the potential benefits for Ohio's export sector.

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Overview of Ohio's Export Profile:

Ohio, located in the Midwestern region of the United States, has a vibrant economy with a diverse range of exported goods. Some of the main export sectors in Ohio include transportation equipment, machinery, chemicals, electrical equipment, and fabricated metal products. These industries contribute significantly to the exports of Ohio and the state's economic growth.

Trade Agreements:

Trade agreements play a crucial role in facilitating international trade by reducing trade barriers, promoting market access, and creating a more predictable business environment. While Ohio benefits from broader trade agreements that the United States has established, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA, now replaced by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement), there are no specific trade agreements exclusively focused on the exports of Ohio.

Preferential Trade Programs:

Preferential trade programs provide specific advantages and incentives to exporters from participating countries or regions. These programs aim to boost trade by granting preferential access to certain markets or offering tariff reductions or exemptions. In the case of Ohio, exporters can benefit from various preferential trade programs that the United States has established.

a. Generalized System of Preferences (GSP):

The GSP is a program that provides duty-free treatment to eligible products imported from designated beneficiary developing countries. Ohio exporters may take advantage of the GSP to enhance the competitiveness of their exports and access certain markets with reduced or eliminated tariffs.

b. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs):

While there are no FTAs exclusively focused on the exports of Ohio, Ohio-based exporters can benefit from existing U.S. FTAs. For example, the U.S. has FTAs with countries such as Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and others, which can facilitate market access and provide preferential treatment for the exports of Ohio.

c. Trade Promotion Programs:

The United States government offers trade promotion programs to support businesses in their export endeavors. These programs provide resources, information, and networking opportunities to help exporters expand their reach and navigate international markets. Ohio exporters can leverage programs such as the U.S. Commercial Service and the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) to access valuable assistance and support for their exports of Ohio.

State and Local Initiatives:

In addition to national-level trade agreements and programs, Ohio itself may have specific initiatives to support and promote its exports. These initiatives can include trade missions, export assistance programs, grants, and partnerships with industry associations or organizations. Ohio-based exporters should explore these state and local resources to maximize the potential of their exports of Ohio.


While there may not be specific trade agreements exclusively focused on the exports of Ohio, Ohio-based exporters can benefit from broader trade agreements and preferential trade programs established by the United States. Programs such as the GSP and various FTAs provide opportunities for Ohio exporters to access markets with reduced tariffs and gain a competitive edge for their exports of Ohio. Additionally, state and local initiatives can further support and enhance the exports of Ohio. By leveraging these resources and programs, Ohio exporters can expand their reach, increase market access, and contribute to the economic growth of Ohio through their exports of Ohio.

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