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Tea, an aromatic beverage produced by pouring hot or boiling water over cured or fresh leaves of the tea plant, is an evergreen shrub native to China, India, and other East Asian countries. Globally, tea is revered as an energizing tonic, a relaxant, an immune booster, and is commonly consumed as a beverage. In certain cases, tea is used for medicinal purposes and disease prevention.

In the 10th century BCE, China witnessed the first consumption of tea, which later found its way to England, becoming a major export commodity for the East India Company. Through the extensive influence of the British Empire, tea became a favorite across continents today.

The import and export trade of tea flourishes worldwide due to its increasing popularity. If you wish to engage in the tea exporter import-export trade, understanding the countries with the highest tea sales is essential.

Tea Exports by Country in 2022:

1. China: $21 Billion (28.6%)

2. Kenya: $12 Billion (16.3%)

3. Sri Lanka: $7.324 Billion (10%)

4. India: $6.879 Billion (9.4%)

5. Poland: $2.628 Billion (3.6%)

6. Germany: $2.425 Billion (3.3%)

7. Japan: $1.899 Billion (2.6%)

8. United Arab Emirates: $1.522 Billion (2.1%)

9. United Kingdom: $1.357 Billion (1.9%)

10. Vietnam: $1.307 Billion (1.8%)

Major Tea Exporters of Black Tea

Black tea, constituting 75.6% of the world's total tea production, is the largest category of tea. The primary tea exporters are India, Sri Lanka, and Kenya. Indian black tea hails from the largest state, Assam, in the northeast, the Darjeeling region in the north, and Nilgiri in the northwest.

Sri Lankan tea is mainly produced in the southern region, yielding high-quality black tea from June to March. Although Kenya has a shorter history of tea production, it has become a major tea exporter due to fertile soil, favorable climate conditions, and abundant labor.

Major Tea Exporters of Green Tea

China leads as the world's largest producer of green tea, followed by Vietnam. However, Japan is often considered the best representative of the green tea category by many.

Japan's primary green tea-exporting regions include Shizuoka, Kagoshima, and Mie. However, the harvested area in these regions has been decreasing year by year, stabilizing at around 80,000 tons from 2009 to 2022. Japan's exported green tea includes leaf tea and powdered tea (matcha). In terms of matcha, the largest tea-exporting destination is the United States, followed by Germany and Taiwan.

How to Find Tea Exporters?

To access international import-export data for tea, Tendata is the optimal platform for analyzing market trends and updating information in the tea industry. We provide authentic and relevant customs data, import-export data, and HS codes. If you need any assistance with tea-exporter import-export data, our data experts consistently offer valuable and authentic trade data to explore your global business.

Are you looking for global tea-exporter trade data? If so, visit Tendata for real-time import-export data for any specific product. If you need any assistance with tea-exporter import-export data or global import data, our data experts are here to provide valuable and authentic trade data to explore your global business. Connect now to book a free live demo!

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