5 Greek Alcohols Ready for Export in 2024

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Greece, with its enchanting islands, sun-drenched beaches, and ancient ruins, is not only a sought-after holiday destination but also a land rich in culinary and distillery traditions. Boasting at least 250 sunny days a year and islands like Crete basking in over 300 sunny days, Greece offers a Mediterranean culinary experience featuring an abundance of vegetables, legumes, and all cooked with the healthy touch of olive oil.

Greek gastronomy, renowned as one of the world's most delicious, extends beyond food to include a variety of delightful local beverages.

Greek alcoholic beverages, deeply rooted in tradition, present a diverse and exquisite array of options. From the internationally acclaimed Ouzo to the less known but equally enticing Mastika, Greece's alcoholic heritage spans centuries, reflecting both local culture and global influences.

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1. Ouzo: The Anise Elixir

Ouzo, an anise-flavored aperitif, stands as one of the most recognized Greek alcoholic beverages worldwide. Traditionally served as an appetizer, Ouzo undergoes a fascinating transformation when mixed with water. The clear liquid turns milky white, offering a delightful visual appeal. Best enjoyed with small bites like dips, cheese slices, meats, olives, and fresh bread, Ouzo is an integral part of Greek conviviality.

2. Mastika: Ancient Resin, Modern Delight

Mastika, an ancient drink believed to have existed for over 2000 years, originates from the resin of the Mastiha tree on the island of Chios. After collecting the resin, it is cleaned and soaked in alcohol, resulting in a liqueur with sweet undertones of pine and anise. Often served chilled, Mastika is enjoyed neat, in cocktails, or mixed drinks.

3. Tsipouro: The Grape Remnant Elixir

Distilled from the grape residue leftover during winemaking, Tsipouro is a robust and clear spirit. Produced through distillation in copper stills and aged in oak barrels, Tsipouro is one of Greece's most popular spirits, often served chilled and appreciated on its own or as an ingredient in cocktails.

4. Metaxa: Greece's Brandy Legacy

Metaxa, often referred to as Greek brandy, is crafted from Samos island sweet wine and a secret blend of botanicals. Aged in French oak barrels, Metaxa comes in different variations, marked by the number of stars on the label, denoting the aging period. Ranging from three to seven stars, the longer the aging, the smoother the brandy.

5. Tsikoudia: Cretan Craftsmanship

Tsikoudia, also known as raki, is a strong distilled spirit made from grape pomace. A Cretan specialty, Tsikoudia is often homemade, featuring varying flavors based on the recipe. Widely used in cooking and served during celebratory events, Tsikoudia encapsulates the warmth and craftsmanship of Cretan culture.

Exporting Greek Spirits: Navigating Global Alcohol Export Markets

Greece, with its rich alcoholic heritage, has also become a significant player in the global alcohol export market. The unique flavors and traditional craftsmanship of Greek spirits have found appreciation beyond its shores. The international demand for Ouzo, Mastika, Tsipouro, Metaxa, and Tsikoudia has contributed to Greece's position as a notable exporter of alcoholic beverages.


Greece's alcoholic offerings go beyond the picturesque landscapes and ancient wonders, weaving a narrative of culinary and distillery excellence. Whether sipping on the iconic Ouzo, exploring the ancient flavors of Mastika, or indulging in the robustness of Tsipouro, each drink tells a tale of tradition, craftsmanship, and the vibrant spirit of Greece. As global trends continue to embrace diverse and unique beverages, Greece's alcohol exports are poised to captivate international audiences, making their mark on the ever-evolving world of spirits.

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