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Belgium, a nation celebrated for its rich cultural tapestry and historical landmarks, is equally renowned for its exquisite beers. In this exploration of Belgian beer, we not only embark on a sensory journey through iconic brews but also dissect the intricate landscape of beer export, unraveling the dynamics that shape this vital facet of international trade.

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Top 5 Belgian Beers You Need to Try

1. Belgian Beers: A Palette of Excellence:

Belgium boasts a kaleidoscope of beers, each telling a unique story of craftsmanship and tradition. From the robust Bush Beer with its barley wine resemblance to the zippy Brugse Straffe Hendrik Blond, Belgian beers captivate the palate with a diversity that reflects the nation's brewing mastery.

2. Chimay: Trappist Elegance in a Bottle:

Brewed by the Trappist monks of Forges-les-Chimay, Chimay beers stand as a testament to Belgium's brewing legacy. The Red and Blue tops, at 7% and 9% respectively, offer a symphony of fruity and strong flavors, deep in body, and adorned with a subtle spiciness, creating an unmatched drinking experience.

3. La Chouffe: Ardennes' Gnomish Delight:

Nestled in the Ardennes, La Chouffe is a visual and gustatory delight. The red-hooded gnome on its label hints at the refreshing pale ale within, featuring a coriander touch and leaving a peachy aftertaste. La Chouffe not only embodies Belgian craftsmanship but also carries the charm of its Ardennes origins.

4. Corsendonk Pater Noster: Bouquet of Burgundy-Brown Excellence:

Crafted by Jef Keersmaekers, Corsendonk Pater Noster stands out among the brewery's offerings. With its Burgundy-brown hue and smoky bouquet, this beer showcases Belgium's ability to create distinctive flavors that captivate beer enthusiasts worldwide.

Tasting Belgium Beyond Borders: Developments in Beer Exports

Belgian beer exports are more than just transporting beverages across borders; it's a complex dance of trade dynamics. Through Tendata, importers and exporters can get an overview of Belgian beer export locations, export types, and transaction profiles of the key players involved. As global demand for Belgian beer continues to grow, you can quickly discover new opportunities for Belgian beer exports through Tendata - new suppliers, new orders!

Beer Export Trends

The beer export landscape is constantly changing, reflecting global trends and consumer preferences. Brewers and exporters must adapt to changes in taste, packaging innovation and sustainability issues. Correspondingly, importers also need to find exporters who can adapt to their main markets and provide new flavors and new packaging. At this time, Tendata can help you very well! By keeping up to date with the Belgian beer market, you can identify new import opportunities.


In the heart of Belgium's cobbled streets and historic landmarks lies a brewing culture that transcends borders. As we savor the nuanced flavors of Belgian beers like Bush, Brugse Straffe Hendrik, Chimay, La Chouffe, and Corsendonk Pater Noster, we also appreciate the economic symphony of beer export that adds a unique note to Belgium's global presence. The journey from the Trappist monasteries to international markets is not just a trade; it's a celebration of Belgium's brewing brilliance echoing across continents.

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