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Embarking on the journey of Hungarian wine export presents a unique and rewarding opportunity. While Hungary may not enjoy the same level of global recognition as wine-producing giants like France and Italy, its wines, nurtured by favorable climatic conditions and fertile soil, boast exceptional quality. This guide delves into the realm of Hungarian wine exports, offering insights into the current state, trends, and essential considerations for businesses venturing into this flourishing market.

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Current State of Hungarian Wine Exports

Hungary, ranked as Europe's seventh-largest wine-producing country, annually produces around 300 million liters of wine. This impressive output, constituting approximately 1% of the world's wine production, surpasses that of renowned wine nations like Austria, New Zealand, and Greece. Despite not being a prominent player on the global wine stage, Hungary holds its place as the 14th largest wine-producing country globally.

Wine Production and Hungarian Wine Export Dynamics

Hungary's wine production is not just a local affair; it extends to international markets. With 22 wine regions and a sprawling 63,000 hectares of vineyards, Hungary stands out in the European wine landscape. Notably, the Tokaj region, home to the world's oldest classified wine region, produces some of Hungary's most renowned wines.

Of the annual 300 million liters produced, 37% (approximately 110 million liters) are earmarked for Hungarian wine export. White wine dominates the export landscape, constituting 80% of the total. A significant portion, 54% (60 million liters), is bulk wine, emphasizing Hungary's role as a major supplier of bulk wine to global markets.

Major Hungarian Wine Export Markets

Hungarian wines find their way to diverse global markets, with 80% being directed to European Union (EU) countries. The remaining distribution includes 13.4% to European non-EU countries, 3.5% to Asia, and 4.5% to the Americas. Slovakia emerges as the largest buyer, accounting for 30% of Hungary's wine exports. Other significant buyers include the Czech Republic, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, with the UK leading in bottled wine purchases.

Rising Hungarian Wine Export Markets and Varieties

Noteworthy is the growth in Hungarian wine exports to markets like France, Belgium, and Spain. These trends indicate an increasing global appreciation for the unique qualities and flavors of Hungarian wines. The distinctive Tokaj Aszú, a sweet white dessert wine, remains a flagship product contributing to Hungary's export growth.

Historical Significance and Varietal Offerings

Hungary's winemaking tradition dates back a millennium, providing a rich backdrop of experience. One of Hungary's most celebrated wines, Tokaj Aszú, boasts a complex and sweet profile, epitomizing the region's winemaking heritage. Additionally, Egri Bikavér, known as Bull's Blood, is a robust red wine produced in the Eger and Szekszárd regions, showcasing a blend of various red grape varieties, predominantly Kékfrankos.

Unique Spirit: Pálinka

Beyond wine, Hungary's national spirit, Pálinka, stands out. Crafted from apricots or plums, this fruit brandy holds cultural significance and is often enjoyed in moderate quantities.

Utilizing Tendata for Informed Hungarian Wine Export Business

In a rapidly evolving global market, Tendata's import-export database emerges as a valuable tool. For those engaged in Hungarian wine export, Tendata provides comprehensive insights into market trends, customer preferences, and industry dynamics. Leveraging Tendata's database is instrumental in making informed decisions, identifying potential customers, and enhancing the efficiency of wine export businesses.


Exporting Hungarian wines unveils a world of possibilities, where tradition and innovation converge. Navigating this landscape requires a keen understanding of production dynamics, market trends, and the uniqueness of Hungarian varietals. As global appreciation for Hungarian wines grows, businesses can leverage resources like Tendata's import-export database to stay ahead of the curve. In the dynamic realm of wine exports, embracing insights from Tendata becomes a strategic advantage, fostering successful ventures into the diverse and flavorful world of Hungarian wines.

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