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Vietnam boasts over 5,400 craft villages. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, traditional handicrafts have consistently ranked among Vietnam's top ten export items in recent years. Vietnamese handicrafts are exported to over 160 countries and regions worldwide.

The implementation of free trade agreements (FTAs) such as EVFTA, CPTPP, RCEP has provided abundant export opportunities for Vietnam's traditional handicrafts, especially in large consumption markets like Europe.

Increasingly, global customers show special interest in Vietnamese handicrafts. Vietnam is considered a reliable and cooperative country for world importers of handicrafts and home decor due to stable commodities and excellent quality.

The United States is the largest consumer market for Vietnamese handicrafts, accounting for 35% of the annual export value. Additionally, other markets like Japan, the European Union (especially Germany), South Korea annually purchase significant quantities of handicrafts from Vietnam. Canada, Middle Eastern countries, and new EU member states are also potential markets for Vietnamese handicrafts.

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Vietnam's exported handicrafts mainly fall into five categories:

1. Bags, wallets, luggage, hats, umbrellas

2. Toys, sports equipment, and parts

3. Ceramic products

4. Products made from rattan, bamboo, sedge, carpets

5. Artistic wood

Moreover, many of Vietnam's lacquerware, wooden products, rattan products, textiles, and embroideries are well-known to global consumers, used for interior decoration and gifts.

While the export value of handicrafts may not compare with industries like petroleum and textiles, the handicraft industry has the advantage of low comprehensive production costs, contributing significantly to the country's foreign exchange earnings.

Unlike other industries, such as the garment industry that relies on imported materials, handicraft manufacturers in Vietnam can develop ample local material supplies. Local materials satisfy 95-97% of the materials required for export, providing a developmental advantage for the industry.

However, Vietnamese handicraft manufacturers face challenges in competition with China, Thailand, and other ASEAN countries regarding pricing and design. Due to the relatively small scale of most handicraft enterprises, Vietnamese businesses also lack experience in entering foreign markets and capital.

How to Find Vietnamese Handicraft Exporters?

To find Vietnamese handicraft exporters, you can take the following steps:

1. Online Trade Platforms: Search for Vietnamese handicraft exporters on international trade platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources, and others. On these platforms, you can find contact information and product details for many Vietnamese handicraft exporters. Exporters found on online trade platforms are generally smaller buyers, with lower purchasing volumes and higher competition.

2. Participate in Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attend international trade exhibitions and shows related to the handicraft industry; this is another important way to understand Vietnamese handicraft exporters. These events usually bring together numerous participants from the handicraft industry worldwide, allowing you to interact directly with Vietnamese exporters, learn about their products, production processes, and collaboration methods. You may need to invest more to participate in local Vietnamese handicraft exhibitions to gain as many leads as possible.

3. Vietnam Export Data: Utilize vietnam export data platforms like Tendata to quickly search for relevant information about Vietnamese handicraft exporters. You can see information about their exported products, export times, destination countries, export prices, quantities, and more. Analyzing this data will help you understand the export situation and market trends for Vietnamese handicraft exporters, assisting you in finding potential partners.

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