What Are the Main Agricultural Exports from Ecuador?

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ten data blog01-03-2024

Ecuador is a major exporter of tropical agricultural products. The country's diverse topography, including mountains, coastal plains, and the Amazon region, is highly suitable for cultivating various crops.

Moreover, favorable trade agreements enable Ecuadorian growers to enter foreign export markets, encouraging them to diversify their products to meet global demand.

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Major Fruits and Vegetables Exported by Ecuador

In 2021, Ecuador's top five horticultural export products were bananas, plantains, pineapples, mangoes, and taro, highlighting the importance of tropical agricultural products to the country's economy.

Bananas are Ecuador's most crucial export crop, constituting 82% of agricultural exports. Due to its climate and soil conditions conducive to cultivation, Ecuador is one of the world's major banana producers and exporters.

Green plantains have become another important export product due to their high commercial value in the international market. In recent years, demand for pineapples and mangoes has also increased due to their flavor, quality, and nutritional value.

Taro, a crop that has grown as an export product due to increasing demand from Asian and Oceanic countries, is adapting well to Ecuador's soil and climate conditions, becoming a significant source of income for farmers.

Major Destinations for Ecuador's Agricultural Exports

Ecuador has trade relations with countries worldwide. The United States is one of Ecuador's largest trading partners, followed by Colombia, China, and Peru. Ecuador is also a member of several regional trade agreements, including the Andean Community and the Pacific Alliance.

Currently, in terms of quantity, Russia is the major buyer of Ecuador's agricultural exports, receiving 18.6%, equivalent to 1,171,923 tons.

However, considering the total agricultural export value, the United States ranks first with an import value of USD 1.596 billion. Russia follows as the second-largest importer with USD 827 million. Together, the United States, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Germany account for 29.7% of Ecuador's total exports.

Concerning Latin American trading partners, Chile ranks sixth, representing 4.1% of Ecuador's exports, totaling 339,193 tons and USD 193 million. Argentina ranks eighth, Colombia fifteenth, and Peru twenty-sixth.

Why is Ecuadorian Export Data Needed?

With Ecuadorian export data, foreign trade enterprises can:

1. Quickly identify potential customers in the Ecuadorian market.

2. Understand market conditions and product demands in Ecuador.

3. Stay informed about competitors' dynamics and surpass them.

4. Implement data-driven, real-time updates to marketing strategies.

5. Establish long-term business goals and increase import revenue in Ecuador.

Why Choose Tendata's Ecuadorian Export Data?

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exports from ecuador,ecuador export,ecuador exports

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