Top 10 Wine Exporting Countries in 2023

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How Significant is the Wine Market in 2023?

The global wine import total reached approximately $41 billion USD in 2023, while the total global wine export amounted to $39.78 billion USD. The value of the wine market in 2023 reached $1,709.27 billion USD. The compound annual growth rate for wine producers in 2023 was 5.7%. In 2023, red wine is expected to represent about 41.50% of the world wine market. This growth is attributed to the increasing demand for alcohol worldwide, especially in emerging markets.

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Which Countries are Major Wine Exporters in 2023?

In terms of wine exports, France is the world's largest wine-exporting country, with wine exports reaching $12.92 billion USD in 2023. French wines are cherished globally for their elegance and quality. Other significant wine-exporting countries include Italy, Spain, Chile, and Australia, all of which are renowned for producing high-quality wines and holding a significant position in the international wine market.

Top 10 Wine Exporting Countries in 2023:

1. France: $12.92 billion USD

2. Spain: $3.2 billion USD

3. Chile: $1.52 billion USD

4. Australia: $1.38 billion USD

5. New Zealand: $1.29 billion USD

6. United States: $1.22 billion USD

7. Germany: $1.14 billion USD

8. Portugal: $1 billion USD

9. Argentina: $652.17 million USD

10. South Africa: $617.85 million USD

Which Country Produced the Most Wine in 2023?

For centuries, wine has been crafted through the fermentation of grapes and has become a beloved beverage globally, alongside beer, espresso, and other well-known alcoholic drinks. The HS code for wine is 2204.

Wine export data indicates that over half of the world's wine is produced by four countries: France, Italy, Spain, and the United States. The regions with the highest global wine consumption are also Europe and North America.

Due to its rich history and diverse winemaking traditions, Europe remains one of the primary wine-producing regions globally, with key countries including Portugal, France, Italy, and Spain. When it comes to wine production in 2023, one country takes the lead – France. In 2023, France ranked first globally in wine production. With its longstanding winemaking culture, France is renowned for its numerous wine varieties, satisfying global wine enthusiasts.

Another significant wine-producing region is North America, with the majority of global wine market revenue coming from the United States. Australia and New Zealand, belonging to Oceania, also have a storied history and are recognized as famous wine-producing regions with modern winemaking techniques. The wine-producing regions in South America are rapidly expanding, with Chile and Argentina gaining international fame for their high-quality wines.

Top 10 Wine-Producing Countries in 2023 (in thousand hectoliters):

1. France: 45,800 thousand hectoliters

2. Italy: 43,900 thousand hectoliters

3. Spain: 30,700 thousand hectoliters

4. United States: 2,520 thousand hectoliters

5. Chile: 1,000 thousand hectoliters

6. Australia: 990 thousand hectoliters

7. South Africa: 930 thousand hectoliters

8. Germany: 9 thousand hectoliters

9. Argentina: 880 thousand hectoliters

10. Portugal: 740 thousand hectoliters

What Does the Future Hold for the Wine Trade Market?

From wine export data, the outlook for the wine trade market appears promising, with numerous upward trends and possibilities. One major trend is the increasing demand for sustainable organic winemaking. Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of wine production and are seeking wines that align with their values. Additionally, there is a growing interest in exploring new, lesser-known wine regions. As customers seek unique and delightful wine experiences, regions like South Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand are gaining popularity for producing high-quality wines.

Furthermore, the upward push of e-commerce is fundamentally changing the sales and distribution of wine. Online structures and direct-to-consumer sales provide wineries with new avenues, bypassing traditional distribution channels and reaching a broader target market. By 2024, global wine market revenue is projected to reach $181.9 billion USD. In terms of volume, the wine market is expected to reach 20.8 billion liters by 2028. This indicates an overall increase in the global wine market. Additionally, the quantity of the wine market is expected to grow by 1.5% within the 12 months of 2025.

Why is Wine Export Data Necessary?

According to wine export data, exporters can:

1. Quickly find potential buyers in global markets.

2. Understand global market conditions and product demand.

3. Monitor dynamics of competitors and surpass them.

4. Drive data-driven, real-time updates to marketing techniques.

5. Establish long-term business goals and increase your global export revenue.

Why Choose Tendata's Wine Export Data?

Tendata connects trade data from 218 countries and regions, business data from 198 countries, and internet data from 172 countries. With one-click search, it presents information on approximately 130 million globally active buyers and suppliers, all of whom have real purchasing records and intentions, allowing your high-quality customer base to converge in 0.01 seconds and saving you a significant amount of time.

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