How to Find a New Beauty Importer?

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ten data blog05-03-2024

Since 2023, Chinese beauty and cosmetics have gained popularity overseas, gradually establishing a strong presence in regions like Japan, South Korea, and the high-potential Southeast Asia. In 2023, China's cosmetic retail sales reached 414.2 billion yuan, showing a 5.1% year-on-year growth. The export value of Chinese beauty and personal care products amounted to 45.8 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 22.8%. Southeast Asia and Japan-Korea are the most crucial export destinations.

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Why Has Chinese Beauty and Cosmetics Sales Experienced Significant Growth?

1. Cultural Integration: Chinese beauty products have incorporated traditional Chinese cultural elements, riding the wave of the national trend, and aligning with contemporary aesthetic preferences.

2. Improved Product Quality: There has been a substantial improvement in the quality of Chinese beauty products, capable of meeting the demands of the new generation of consumers.

3. Innovation and Brand Upgrade: Both new and established brands are actively innovating and upgrading, expanding their product offerings and market reach.

In recent years, there has been a continuous increase in consumer recognition of Chinese brands, with more consumers willing to try and support Chinese beauty products. The rising demand for mass cultural consumption has stimulated the deep integration of culture and consumer goods, leading to the emergence of innovative Chinese beauty brands. These brands have quickly gained consumer favor and are competitively challenging international brands in the market. With strong quality and brand characteristics, Chinese beauty products not only meet domestic consumer demands but are also exported to other countries and regions.

By enhancing quality, investing in innovation and brand development, Chinese beauty and cosmetics are gradually breaking free from the image of being low-end and cheap, gaining recognition from an increasing number of consumers. Moreover, Chinese beauty products are known for their cost-effectiveness, allowing consumers to purchase quality products at a lower price.

To expand the overseas market for Chinese beauty products and find new importers, businesses need to consider new approaches. Traditional B2B channels might not be sufficient, and import export data emerges as a valuable option. Through import export data, companies can identify countries and regions where Chinese beauty products have a fast-growing export, high-profit margins, and discover which enterprises import significant quantities of Chinese beauty products. Tendata can provide insights into how to find beauty product importers and help your business in this endeavor.

Develop customers which is also the most commonly used function, through the search of product keywords, HS code to find interested high-quality customers; or according to the frequency of transactions, size, trading products and trading partners to screen the target customers; at the same time, combined with contact information, direct docking buyers.

Tendata T-discovery found 208 countries trade data + 198 countries and regions business data + 141 countries Internet data, three databases are fully connected, a search, no need to wait, the global target customers 0.01 seconds to present.(>>>> Click to apply for a free trial data)

1. Find buyers in your target market who are purchasing your products.

2. Monitor competitors, information collection and analysis of the competitive environment and competitive strategy.

3. Old customer maintenance, seamlessly and quickly observe the latest purchasing dynamics of each old customer at any time.

4. Accurately screen the quality of buyers and give the most accurate offer.

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