Top Beef Exporting Country in 2023: Brazil

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ten data blog07-03-2024

Brazil is one of the world's largest beef-producing and exporting countries. In 2023, it is the world's largest exporter of meat. Brazilian export data shows that it has one of the world's largest and most sustainable cattle herds, with 218.2 million head of cattle as of 2020. The U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts that Brazil will continue to maintain export growth over the next decade, reaching 2.9 million tons by 2028, accounting for 23% of the total world beef exports. According to forecasts, Brazil's beef exports will surpass the 3 million tons mark between 2025 and 2030.

Brazil's cattle production has greatly benefited from technological advancements in ranch management, diversification, and animal breeding and genetic selection over the past few decades. Due to extensive pastures and locally produced grains, cattle enjoy good nutrition. Different breeds of cattle are carefully selected and crossbred to adapt to local tropical conditions and thrive.

According to Brazilian export data, Brazil sold beef to 126 countries in 2023. China and Hong Kong continue to be the top two destinations for Brazilian beef exports, accounting for 55.75% of Brazil's total beef exports. In addition to China and Hong Kong, Brazil is seeking to increase beef exports to South Africa, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Singapore. Negotiations are also underway to open the beef market to the most populous Indonesia. Brazil is currently the largest producer of halal meat, with the potential to enter the Middle East and other predominantly Muslim markets—especially with the increasing income levels and urbanization rates in the region.

beef export,brazil beef export,brazil beef exports

Let's take a look at which countries Brazil primarily exported beef to from December 2022 to November 2023:

1. China (55.75%)

2. United States (7.84%)

3. Egypt (3.34%)

4. Philippines (3.12%)

5. Saudi Arabia (2.62%)

6. Russia (2%)

7. United Arab Emirates (1.97%)

8. Israel (1.67%)

9. Italy (1.53%)

10. United Kingdom (1.49%)

beef export,brazil beef export,brazil beef exports

Once you've identified that you want to import Brazilian beef, how do you find the right Brazilian exporters?

1. Trade Directories: Browse trade directories that list various businesses and exporters in Brazil. These directories often provide contact information for potential partners. Simply search for "beef" to find potential collaborators.

2. Online Trade Platforms: Utilize online trade platforms like B2B platforms, Alibaba International, etc., to search for Brazilian exporters. These platforms offer a convenient way to search, filter, and contact potential suppliers.

3. Trade Data Platforms: When you're still in the early stages of market development, relying solely on business directories and online trade platforms may not be wise. This means the company only produces the beef you need, and you don't know details such as the company's reputation, beef quality, beef price, the company's annual production of that beef, the company's past buyers, the company's preference for cooperation with buyers from which countries, etc. In that case, a trade data platform is a helpful assistant. It not only helps you conduct customer background checks but also provides more specific and comprehensive Brazilian export data, allowing you to master Brazilian exporter information with the Brazilian export data as a reference. Additionally, trade data companies provide contact information for company executives not publicly available, enabling you to directly engage with leaders in the marketing department and gain direct access to core information.

beef export,brazil beef export,brazil beef exports

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