How to Find Dutch Flower Exporters?

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ten data blog11-03-2024

Cultivation of flowers in the Netherlands holds a leading position globally in terms of quantity and variety. The country primarily produces bulb flowers such as tulips, gladioli, daffodils, lilies, and hyacinths. Their open-field flower plantations cover approximately 17,000 hectares. In greenhouses, cut flowers like chrysanthemums, roses, small-flowered carnations, and carnations are cultivated. Tulips alone boast 800 different varieties and 250 varieties of irises. Additionally, the Netherlands is a producer of seeds.

Known as the "World Flower Shop," the Netherlands serves as a major hub for international floral trade.

The Netherlands accounts for 44% of the global trade volume of floral products.

77% of bulb flowers come from the Netherlands, with tulips being the predominant type.

Of approximately 1,800 new plant varieties entering the European market each year, 65% originate from the Netherlands.

In 2022, the European Union exported orchids, hyacinths, daffodils, and tulip bulbs worth slightly more than 100 million euros worldwide. Of this, 81% of the exports were from the Netherlands, which is closely associated with tulips and exports many fresh flowers and bulbs.

In 2022, the Netherlands led the world as the largest exporter of cut flowers with an export value of $4.04 billion. Cut flowers ranked 28th among the Netherlands' export products that year. The primary destinations for Dutch cut flower exports were Germany ($1.17 billion), the United Kingdom ($529 million), France ($385 million), Russia ($223 million), and Poland ($153 million).

From 2021 to 2022, the fastest-growing export markets for Dutch cut flowers were the United States ($17.4 million), Kuwait ($5.4 million), and Slovakia ($3.78 million).

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How to Find Dutch Flower Exporters? 

Here are steps to find Dutch flower exporters:

1. Log in to the System: Log in to your Tendata account and access the dashboard.

Navigate to T-Discovery or T-iTrader Section: Both functionalities can help you find Dutch flower exporters.

If you choose the T-Discovery function, simply enter the product name or HS code in the search box to view trade data for the past three years, perform target market analysis, and analyze the country of origin. Tendata provides three data sources: trade data, business data, and cloud search data, all displaying Dutch flower exporters.

If you opt for the T-iTrader function, enter the product name or HS code in the search box to see all exporters, HS codes, product names, country of origin, destination country, weight, quality, prices, etc., for flower transactions in the past year.

2. Use Filters: Narrow down your search using available filters based on your needs. You can filter by seller type, country, time, product category, and other relevant criteria.

3. Choose Suitable Flower Exporters: Based on the flower import data provided by Tendata, identify potential buyers. Conduct customer background checks and select the appropriate Dutch flower exporters based on these potential customers' buying intentions.

dutch flower export,netherland flower export,netherland flower exporter

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