Overview of Argentina's Mate Tea Exports

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Mate tea is Argentina's most popular beverage, surpassing coffee and regular tea. "Yerba" represents the herbal leaves, while "mate" refers to a drinking cup into which the dried yerba is poured, followed by the addition of water. It is consumed using a "bombilla," a filtered straw. According to data from the National Institute of Mate in Argentina, the average annual consumption of mate tea per person in the country is 100 liters.

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Overview of Argentina's Mate Tea Exports

Argentina is a major producer and exporter of mate tea globally. According to Tendata's Argentina export data, in 2022, Argentina's mate tea exports amounted to approximately $87.74 million, an increase from the previous year's $70 million. The total export volume of mate tea from Argentina in 2022 was 40,000 tons.

In 2022, Syria was the primary destination for Argentina's mate tea exports, receiving over 31 million kilograms. Chile was the second-largest destination, receiving about 3.6 million kilograms of mate tea exported from Argentina. Argentina also exported mate tea to countries such as France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Why Is Syria a Primary Export Destination?

The answer can be traced back to the 1850s and 1860s when Syrian people migrated to Argentina and adopted the habit of drinking mate tea. When they returned to their homeland, they brought Argentine mate tea with them and incorporated the habit into their daily lives. This habit became so ingrained that many in the neighboring regions consider drinking mate tea as a Middle Eastern tradition.

Chileans also love mate tea for its health benefits, natural origin, and mystical appeal. The tradition of drinking mate tea is prevalent in the southern regions and has spread northward.

Which Regions Globally Import and Export Mate Tea?

Tendata's Argentina export data indicates that, globally, the main exporting countries of mate tea in 2022 were Brazil ($99.6 million), Argentina ($88.5 million), Paraguay ($14.9 million), Germany ($3.32 million), and the United Kingdom ($2.63 million). In the same year, the main importing countries of mate tea were Uruguay ($64.9 million), Syria ($63.9 million), Argentina ($30.4 million), Chile ($11.8 million), and Spain ($8.94 million).

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mate tea exports,argentina's mate tea exports,tea exports

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