What Specialties Are Exported from Spain?

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Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, is a multi-ethnic country located in the southwestern part of Europe and is also one of the important countries in Europe. Spain, as a country with abundant agricultural and seafood resources, exports many distinctive products. Here are some common Spanish export specialties:

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1. Wine: 

As the world's largest wine exporter, Spain has more vineyards than any other country in the world. Its reputation for producing high-quality wine at affordable prices extends far beyond the borders of Europe.

The diverse terrain and climate types in Spain allow grape growers to produce several different types of wine, each with rich flavors. In higher altitude areas where temperatures drop and there are longer ripening seasons, wines with more balance and fresher flavors are produced.

Rioja, named after its place of origin, is the most popular red wine, followed by Priorat, Tempranillo, and Ribera del Duero. But let's not forget about white wines from northern Spain, such as Cava and Sherry, which are also popular worldwide. When the hot summer arrives, Spaniards mix red wines like Garnacha with fruits, orange juice, and brandy to create a more refreshing beverage called Sangria.

2. Jamón (Spanish cured ham): 

Spanish olive oil and wine are world-famous, but nothing is more exquisite than Spanish ham (Jamón).

The tradition of making cured ham dates back over 2000 years to when the Romans ruled the Iberian Peninsula. For centuries, cured ham was reserved only for royalty and clergy. By the late 13th century, it became commonplace in Spanish households, and today it is an essential part of many Spanish snacks.

There are two varieties of Spanish cured ham: Jamón Serrano (from white pigs) and Jamón Ibérico (from the meat of true Ibérico black-footed pigs).

Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is the most expensive cured ham, fetching prices as high as €4,100 due to its unique flavor and quality. These free-range pigs roam the forests of western Spain, feasting on sweet acorns, imparting the ham with its distinctive taste.

When you have identified the Spanish specialties you want to import, how do you find suitable Spanish exporters?

1. Trade associations and business directories: Browse trade associations and business directories, which often list contact information for various Spanish businesses and exporters. By directly searching for the product names, you can find potential partners through these directories.

2. Online trading platforms: Utilize online trading platforms such as B2B platforms, Alibaba International, etc., to search for Spanish exporters. These platforms provide a convenient way to search, filter, and contact potential suppliers.

3. Shipping data platforms: When you are still in the early stages of market development, relying solely on business directories, online trading platforms, etc., to find Spanish exporters is not wise. That means the company only produces specialties, and you do not understand the company's reputation, the quality of the specialties, the price of the specialties, the company's annual production volume for the product, the company's previous buyers, the countries the company tends to cooperate with, etc. In this case, shipping data platforms are a good assistant, not only helping you conduct customer background checks but also providing more specific and complete shipping data, allowing you to refer to shipping data to comprehensively grasp information about Spanish exporters. Moreover, besides the company's publicly available contact information, shipping data companies also provide contact information for company executives that is not publicly available, allowing you to directly communicate with marketing department leaders and directly grasp core information.

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