The Worlds Largest Producer of Strawberries in 2023

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ten data blog15-03-2024

Strawberries are renowned for their vibrant red color, juicy texture, sweetness, and unique aroma, making them a popular fruit consumed fresh or used in various processed foods and beverages, including puddings, jams, pies, ice cream, milkshakes, and juices.

In 2022, the combined export sales of fresh and frozen strawberries from all countries worldwide generated a total cash flow of $4.72 billion. Compared to $4.91 billion in 2021, the global strawberry export value depreciated by -3.9% year-on-year. Fresh strawberries accounted for $3.39 billion, or 71.7%, of the global strawberry exports, with the remaining 28.3% attributed to frozen strawberries.

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Which Countries Exported Strawberries in 2023?

According to customs data provided by Tendata, based on a search by product name, here are the top 10 countries by export value of strawberries in 2023. In terms of value, the strawberry exports of these 10 countries in 2023 accounted for 97.06% of the global export volume:

1. Mexico (52.16%, $522.35 Million)
2. India (18.32%, $183.49 Million)
3. Vietnam (8.88%, $88.91 Million)
4. Peru (6.76%, $67.67 Million)
5. Turkey (4.24%, $42.46 Million)
6. Indonesia (2.45%, $24.57 Million)
7. Russia (2.27%, $22.73 Million)
8. Philippines (0.8%, $8.02 Million)
9. Pakistan (0.66%, $6.57 Million)
10. Kazakhstan (0.52%, $5.24 Million)

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To further narrow down the search for fresh or frozen strawberry exporting countries, you can use HS codes. The 6-digit Harmonized System (HS) code prefix for fresh strawberries is 081010, while for frozen strawberries, it is 081110. By entering different HS codes into the Tendata customs data system, you can obtain more accurate information on strawberry exporting countries.

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How Can I Find Reliable Strawberry Exporters in These Countries?

When seeking strawberry exporters, you can utilize the "Exporter Report" feature on the Tendata dashboard, selecting either global or specific countries of interest. With access to customs data from 218 countries or regions, commercial data from 198 countries, and cloud search data from 172 countries, you can easily find countries for import or export.

After identifying the country, simply input "Strawberry" or the HS code for strawberries to directly export the list of strawberry exporters. Tendata also provides enterprise background investigation capabilities, allowing you to analyze exporters' export trends, timing, frequency, prices, and supply chain dynamics, offering valuable insights for your market decisions. Below is an example provided by Tendata. If you wish to view a more comprehensive list of strawberry exporters, please contact Tendata immediately!

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