Which Countries Had a Greater Demand for Italian Pasta in 2023?

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ten data blog19-03-2024

Italian pasta is a highly nutritious food made by mixing hard wheat flour with other ingredients, shaping, and drying it. Over the years, the demand for Italian pasta has been steadily increasing. The ability of pasta to be stored for long periods, consumed in various shapes, and quickly and easily prepared is considered a significant factor in its rising popularity.

Italy offers thousands of different types of pasta for you to choose from, including spaghetti, macaroni, penne, and fusilli. Each type of pasta has its unique shape and flavor, originating from the distinct regions of Italy. With over 300 pasta shapes, each one plays an indispensable role in local cuisine, revealing the cooking personality and culinary traditions of different regions.

The history of various pasta types in the country can be traced back to the 13th century explorer Marco Polo, whose myth attributes the introduction of noodles from Central Asia to Europe to the nomadic Arabs.

Interested in knowing where Italian pasta is more popular and suitable for export worldwide? When you're unsure about the market situation, it's essential to analyze the entire industry's market conditions before entering the import-export business, to understand the business direction and objectives. At such times, relying on objective third-party platforms with real import-export data can provide more intuitive and less biased information compared to asking friends.

italian pasta,italian pasta export,italian pasta demand

Which Countries Had a Greater Demand for Italian Pasta in 2023?

According to Tendata's import-export data, the following countries were the largest importers of Italian pasta in 2023:

1. China (14.48%, $430.75 Million)

2. United States (5.65%, $168.25 Million)

3. Somalia (4.9%, $145.79 Million)

4. Venezuela (4.3%, $127.93 Million)

5. Japan (3.73%, $110.98 Million)

6. South Korea (2.47%, $73.65 Million)

7. Netherlands (2.41%, $71.64 Million)

8. Colombia (2.38%, $70.8 Million)

9. Italy (2.27%, $67.43 Million)

10. Germany (2.25%, $66.94 Million)

italian pasta,italian pasta export,italian pasta demand

Where Does Italy Export Pasta?

Italy is the world's largest pasta exporter. According to Tendata's import-export data, the primary destinations for Italian pasta exports are the United States ($656 million), Germany ($631 million), France ($509 million), the United Kingdom ($508 million), and Spain ($158 million). The fastest-growing export markets for Italian pasta are the United States ($168 million), the United Kingdom ($86.6 million), and Germany ($72.9 million).

The Harmonized System code prefix for Italian pasta is 1902. When you need to know more about Italian pasta import and export situations, you can log on to Tendata and search based on HS codes.

How to effectively use import-export data for market analysis? Tendata is the ideal platform for helping foreign trade companies conduct market analysis, allowing you to query the latest import-export data for Italian pasta. We will always be here for you when you need real and up-to-date global import data for Italian pasta, as well as global export data. If you want to increase your company's revenue, contact us immediately for a free demonstration. (>>Contact Tendata now)

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