Kenya's Coffee Exports in January Nearly Doubled on Demand

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ten data blog21-03-2024

Due to increased demand for premium crops during Kenya's main production season from October to December, Kenya's coffee exports almost doubled in January to reach 2,685 tons.

This performance marks a rebound in the commodity's export volume, which had dropped to 1,478 tons in December, the lowest monthly level since January 1999.

The latest data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) shows that the commodity's revenue increased from 12 billion shillings in December to 21 billion shillings in January, representing a 72% growth.

KNBS stated in its latest update: "Coffee exports increased from 1,478.3 tons in December 2023 to 2,685.8 tons in January 2024, with the corresponding value rising from 12 billion shillings to 21 billion shillings."

The reason for the export growth is a slight 5% decrease in Kenya's coffee prices on the international market, to 786,402 shillings per ton, down from 829,105 shillings per ton in December.

Kenyan coffee is highly sought after by roasters and blenders, with the country's coffee sold in world markets.

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