How to Devise New Strategies to Expand Iran's Honey Exports?

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ten data blog25-03-2024

Executors of the beekeeping project of the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture stated that Iran exported 1,311 tons of fresh honey to different countries in the previous fiscal year's 11 months (from March 21, 2023, to February 22, 2024).

Hossein Akbarpour emphasized that the country has the capability to export 10,000 tons of honey to other countries.

Regarding the development of honey exports from the country, Akbarpour pointed out that contracts have been signed with China for exporting honey to East Asian countries.

He continued by saying that negotiations are underway with the Republic of Armenia and Russia to export honey to these countries.

He further mentioned that Armenia and Kyrgyzstan serve as gateways for Iran to enter European and Eurasian markets and added that beekeeping is a highly productive and profitable industry.

The project contractor for beekeeping also added that honey production plays a significant role in the pollination of crops such as almonds and sunflowers.

According to statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Iran ranks third in the world in honey production.

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How to Devise New Strategies to Expand Iran's Honey Exports?

To determine response strategies for competitors in other countries, you need to:

1. Develop differentiated marketing strategies based on customer background checks: Through in-depth research into customer background data and insights, as well as competitor operations, market behavior, and strategic orientations, develop more refined and targeted marketing strategies, pricing strategies, product delivery strategies, etc., to fully demonstrate the company's value.

2. Develop strategic training courses: Tendata offers online and offline strategic training courses developed by industry experts in foreign trade. These courses cover various core areas such as the latest market trend analysis, building customer relationships, product positioning, marketing strategies, etc., providing new ideas and directions for companies to develop strategies while guiding them to explore new paths and strategies suitable for their business development.

The Importance of Market Analysis

Analyze the market frontier trend by analyzing the market demand in different regions, plus comparing the price of the products, so as to choose the target market with high profit and high demand; at the same time, according to the import and export data query to understand the market distribution of the products and the trend of change, and adjust the market strategy in a timely manner.

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