Argentina Beef Exports Surge to Highest Level in Decades

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ten data blog27-03-2024

Export data reveals that beef exports reached 82,548 tons in February, marking the highest single-month export volume since 1967. In the first two months of this year, beef exports totaled a record-breaking 160,478 tons after right-wing libertarian President Javier Milei's government took action to end export restrictions on certain meats.

According to official export data released on Tuesday, last month witnessed a sharp rise in overseas sales of Argentina's renowned steaks and other beef products, reaching the highest levels in over fifty years, a rare bright spot for the troubled economy of this South American nation. The data shows that beef exports reached 82,548 tons in February, the highest single-month export volume since 1967.

In the first two months of this year, beef exports totaled a record-breaking 160,478 tons after President Javier Milei's right-wing libertarian government lifted some meat export restrictions. In January and February, over 75% of the country's meat exports were sold to Chinese buyers, followed by the EU and Israel.

Argentina boasts one of the world's top agricultural sectors and is a major supplier of grains (including processed soybeans and corn) besides beef, although the sector has faced pressure from export restrictions aimed at keeping domestic prices low. Argentinians are also major consumers of beef, particularly enjoying traditional asado barbecue.

However, according to data from the recently renamed Secretariat of Bioeconomics, amid prolonged economic downturn and an annual inflation rate exceeding 270%, per capita beef consumption in February dropped to around 40 kilograms, the lowest figure since mid-2021.

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