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ten data blog07-04-2024

India Emerges as Global Leader in Plastic Fishing Gear Exports

In February 2024, India witnessed a significant surge in plastic exports, particularly in plastic raw materials, films, sheets, woven fabrics, and floor coverings. Driven by soaring demand for these products, the country's plastic exports reached $997 million, marking a 14.3% increase compared to February 2023.

During February 2024, India achieved a historic high in monthly exports of fishing nets manufactured in the country. This milestone underscores India's increasingly prominent position in the global fishing industry and its commitment to meeting international demand for high-quality fishing gear.

Several other categories of plastic products also demonstrated robust export growth in February 2024. These include ropes, fishing nets, and monofilaments (growing by 29.7%), container bags, woven bags, fabrics, and waterproof textiles (increasing by 27.5%), leather cloth, laminates, and floor coverings (rising by 27.4%), as well as flexible and rigid packaging materials (expanding by 27.3%).

plastic shipment data,india plastic shipment data,shipment data

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Compared to other shipment data providers, Tendata offers a more comprehensive dataset for Indian shipments! Tendata centralizes data for Indian shipment data, including country names, company names, quantity units, etc., transforming data from its original state into a more analyzable and manageable format. By establishing standardized lists, creating mapping relationships, employing Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, manual review and intervention, external APIs or services, and various rules and methods, Tendata standardizes data to assist businesses in making informed decisions and efficiently expanding into the Indian market with more accurate data.

plastic shipment data,india plastic shipment data,shipment data

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