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Flowers, with their enchanting beauty and aromatic allure, grace occasions and spaces with a touch of elegance and sentiment. Just as spices enrich culinary experiences, flowers add vibrancy and meaning to celebrations, expressions of love, and cultural traditions worldwide. The global flower trade sees diverse players contributing to its flourishing market. Here, we explore the top 10 global flower exporters in 2023:

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1. India (80.16%, $12449.5 Million)

India emerges as the unrivaled leader in the global flower export market, boasting a remarkable share and substantial revenue, a testament to its diverse floral varieties and efficient trade practices.

2. Colombia (6.78%, $1052.87 Million)

Colombia secures a significant position in the global flower trade, leveraging its favorable climate and expertise in flower cultivation to cater to international demand.

3. Vietnam (5.5%, $854.91 Million)

Vietnam showcases its growing presence in the global flower market, capitalizing on its agricultural prowess and strategic partnerships to export a diverse range of flowers to destinations worldwide.

4. Ethiopia (3.38%, $524.95 Million)

Ethiopia emerges as a rising star in the global flower export industry, harnessing its abundant natural resources and favorable growing conditions to meet the demands of international markets.

5. Moldova (1.28%, $198.4 Million)

Moldova establishes itself as a noteworthy player in the global flower trade, with its unique floral varieties and commitment to quality earning recognition in international markets.

6. Mexico (1.05%, $163.62 Million)

Mexico's participation in the global flower export market highlights its rich floral heritage and efforts to diversify its agricultural exports, contributing to the country's economic growth.

7. Ecuador (0.78%, $121.08 Million)

Ecuador's renowned roses and other floral varieties make a significant impact in the global flower trade, with the country's commitment to quality and sustainability driving its export success.

8. Indonesia (0.23%, $36.43 Million)

Indonesia's presence in the global flower market reflects its unique floral biodiversity and growing export capabilities, positioning the country as a promising player in the industry.

9. Turkey (0.19%, $28.99 Million)

Turkey's floral exports showcase its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, with the country's diverse range of flowers finding favor in international markets.

10. Norway (0.16%, $24.42 Million)

Norway's participation in the global flower trade underscores its commitment to sustainability and innovation, with its distinct floral offerings gaining recognition among discerning consumers.

flowers exporters,flowers export,global flowers exporters

When exploring opportunities to trade with flower exporters in specific countries, leveraging customs data and market analysis tools can provide valuable insights into recent trade trends and export opportunities. For instance, examining the top companies exporting flowers in 2023 reveals the key players driving the global flower trade:

1. SOLAR COMPACT PRIVATE LIMITED (67.52%, $103453.43 Million)

Solar Compact Private Limited emerges as a dominant force in the flower export market, leveraging its extensive network and expertise to capture a significant share of global flower trade.

2. NAMDHARI SEEDS PVT.LTD. (4.49%, $6873.4 Million)

Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd. showcases its commitment to innovation and quality in flower production, catering to diverse markets with its wide range of floral varieties.

3. KESHAV BHATTER (3.33%, $5095.72 Million)

Keshav Bhatter demonstrates expertise and reliability in flower export, with a focus on customer satisfaction and sustainable practices.


Comercializadora Internacional Sunshine Bouquet Colombia S.A. establishes itself as a key player in the global flower trade, with its commitment to quality and innovation setting it apart in the market.

5. SHANTI KUNJ NURSERY (1.71%, $2621.25 Million)

Shanti Kunj Nursery showcases its expertise in floral cultivation and export, with a focus on delivering premium-quality flowers to customers worldwide.

6. CÔNG TY TNHH CÔNG NGHỆ SINH HỌC ĐẤT XANH (1.36%, $2083.41 Million)

Cong Ty TNHH Cong Nghe Sinh Hoc Dat Xanh demonstrates innovation and sustainability in flower production, contributing to the growth and development of the global flower industry.

7. RADHARAM SOHANLAL (1.17%, $1797.78 Million)

Radharam Sohanlal emerges as a trusted name in the flower export market, with its commitment to quality and reliability earning it recognition among global customers.

8. THE ELITE FLOWER SAS C I (0.87%, $1335.11 Million)

The Elite Flower SAS C I showcases excellence in floral cultivation and export, with a focus on meeting the diverse needs of customers with its premium-quality flowers.

9. SHER ETHIOPIA PRIVATE LIMITED COMPA (0.74%, $1137.51 Million)

Sher Ethiopia Private Limited Company demonstrates its expertise in flower cultivation and export, contributing to Ethiopia's growing presence in the global flower trade.

10. AGROINDUSTRIA DEL RIOFRIO S A S (0.51%, $774.78 Million)

Agroindustria del Riofrio S A S emerges as a key player in the flower export market, leveraging its extensive experience and comprehensive supply chain to meet global demand for flowers.

In conclusion, the global flower export market is characterized by diversity, innovation, and competition, with countries and companies worldwide contributing to its vibrant growth and development. By leveraging data insights and market analysis tools, exporters can navigate the complexities of the global flower trade and capitalize on emerging opportunities for growth and collaboration.

flowers exporters,flowers export,global flowers exporters

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