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Honey, often regarded as nature's golden elixir, holds a cherished place in global trade. Like spices that enhance culinary delights, honey adds sweetness and nutritional value to dishes worldwide. While India dominates the spice trade, several countries stand out as major players in the export of honey. Here are the main global honey exporters in 2024:

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1. Kazakhstan (78.47%, $27988.22 Million)

Kazakhstan leads the global honey export market, leveraging its vast natural landscapes and modern beekeeping practices to supply premium honey to consumers around the world.

2. India (14.07%, $5017.19 Million)

India emerges as a significant exporter of honey, capitalizing on its diverse floral resources and sustainable apiculture techniques to produce high-quality honey for international markets.

3. Uzbekistan (2.7%, $962.72 Million)

Uzbekistan showcases its prowess in honey export, focusing on organic farming methods and quality control measures to ensure the purity and freshness of its exported honey.

4. Russia (1.49%, $530.27 Million)

Russia plays a notable role in the global honey trade, with a commitment to bee welfare and environmental stewardship, resulting in the production of premium honey sought after by discerning consumers.

5. Vietnam (0.92%, $328.4 Million)

Vietnam contributes to the global honey export market, with a focus on sustainable agriculture and beekeeping practices to meet the growing demand for honey worldwide.

6. Ukraine (0.86%, $306.34 Million)

Ukraine enters the global honey export arena, leveraging its rich floral diversity and modern apiary management techniques to supply high-quality honey to international buyers.

7. Mexico (0.74%, $264.88 Million)

Mexico showcases its capabilities in honey export, with a focus on organic production methods and fair trade practices to ensure the integrity and purity of its honey exports.

8. Turkey (0.48%, $169.79 Million)

Turkey participates in the global honey trade, with a focus on product differentiation and market diversification to expand its presence in international honey markets.

9. Pakistan (0.06%, $20.46 Million)

Pakistan makes strides in the global honey export market, with a commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices and quality assurance measures to meet international standards.

10. Philippines (0.06%, $19.77 Million)

The Philippines enters the global honey export scene, capitalizing on its abundant floral resources and traditional beekeeping knowledge to produce honey that resonates with global consumers.

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Examining the top companies exporting honey in 2024 sheds light on the key players driving the global honey trade:

1. ТОО "KAZ MINERALS BOZSHAKOL" (20.5%, $731.26 Million)

Kaz Minerals Bozshakol emerges as a dominant force in the global honey export market, with a commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices and product innovation.

2. ТОО "KAZAKHMYS SMELTING" (15.18%, $541.44 Million)

Kazakhmys Smelting plays a significant role in honey export, with a focus on quality control and supply chain efficiency to meet the diverse needs of international buyers.

3. ТОО "KAZAKHMYS SMELTING" (14.83%, $528.8 Million)

Another division of Kazakhmys Smelting showcases its expertise in honey export, with a reputation for reliability and integrity in its honey products.

4. VIHANA HEALTH CARE LLP (9.37%, $334.23 Million)

Vihana Health Care LLP contributes to the global honey trade, with a focus on organic honey production and consumer trust in its premium honey offerings.

5. ТОО "KAZ MINERALS AKTOGAY" (7.97%, $284.37 Million)

Kaz Minerals Aktogay demonstrates its capabilities in honey export, with a focus on sustainable farming practices and environmental responsibility.

6. ТОО "KAZ MINERALS AKTOGAY" (7.54%, $269.09 Million)

Another branch of Kaz Minerals Aktogay showcases its commitment to quality and excellence in honey production, driving export growth and market expansion.

7. ТОО КАЗЦИНК (6.23%, $222.12 Million)

Kazcink stands out in the global honey export market, with a focus on innovation and continuous improvement in its honey processing and packaging techniques.

8. ТОО "KAZ MINERALS BOZSHAKOL" (3.01%, $107.46 Million)

A subsidiary of Kaz Minerals Bozshakol contributes to honey export, with a dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices.

9. ТОО KAZ MINERALS AKTOGAY (2.16%, $77.01 Million)

Kaz Minerals Aktogay diversifies its honey export portfolio, with a focus on market research and customer satisfaction to drive export growth.

10. "OLMALIQ KON-METALLURGIYA KOMBINATI" (1.85%, $66.09 Million)

Olmaliq Kon-Metallurgiya Kombinati showcases its expertise in honey export, with a commitment to product excellence and customer-centric approach in its business operations.

In summary, the global honey export market is characterized by diverse players and a commitment to sustainability and quality. By embracing innovation and responsible practices, exporters can capitalize on the growing demand for honey worldwide.

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