Top 5 Copper Exporting Countries in 2023

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ten data blog19-04-2024

Copper is a metal characterized by both fragility and flexibility, along with excellent ductility. It finds wide applications across various industries such as creative, electronics, and transportation, playing a significant role in international trade. According to research purposes, copper falls under HS Code Chapter 74.

The copper industry's export sector is witnessing a notable growth trend. According to the latest export data, the global copper export volume reached a historic high in 2023, surpassing 20 million metric tons, representing a 10% increase compared to the previous year. This growth trend is primarily attributed to the accelerated economic recovery post-pandemic, the task of infrastructure improvement, and the rapid development in the electric vehicle industry (due to their heavy reliance on copper batteries) as well as the increasing adoption of electric motors.

Let's delve into the 2023 copper export data and the leading copper exporting countries in this article.

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What Are the Top 5 Copper Exporting Countries in 2023?

1. Chile: $40.16 billion

Chile became the largest copper exporter in 2023, with its copper exports reaching $40.16 billion. Renowned for its abundant copper reserves, Chile is the primary copper exporting country in the region. In 2023, Chile continued to maintain its leading position, with its copper exports occupying a considerable share of the global market. China stands as the primary destination for Chilean copper exports, totaling $7.25 billion in 2023.

2. Germany: $29.03 billion

Germany ranks second, with copper exports worth $29.03 billion. As another major player in the copper industry, Germany produces a significant amount of copper annually. With the increasing global demand for copper, Germany witnessed growth in its copper exports in 2023, with Italy being its primary export destination, accounting for $1.81 billion.

3. Japan: $24.72 billion

Japan ranks third with copper exports worth $24.72 billion. As the third-largest copper exporter globally, Japan also excels in the copper export sector. Exporting substantial amounts of refined copper to various destinations worldwide, Japan's highest copper export destination is China, amounting to $4.89 billion in 2023.

4. United States: $21.82 billion

The United States holds the fourth position, with copper exports worth $21.82 billion. As a dominant player in the global copper market, the United States exports significant amounts of copper products to multiple regions. Mexico stands out as its primary export destination, with exports valued at $3.69 billion in 2023.

5. China: $20.11 billion

China ranks fifth with copper exports worth $20.11 billion. In 2023, China witnessed a substantial increase in copper exports, surpassing $20 billion. The growth in Chinese copper exports may be attributed to mining restructuring and investments in the copper mining sector. Thailand stands as the primary destination for Chinese copper exports, amounting to $1.25 billion.

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Which Copper Exporters Were Prominent in Chile in 2023?

Chile emerged as the largest copper exporter in 2023, with its suppliers contributing significantly to global copper trade and economy. The major copper supply companies in Chile in 2023 include:

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1. CODELCO CHILE (29.12%, $8.55 Billion)

2. COM METALURGICO ALTONORTE S.A (24.29%, $7.13 Billion)

3. ANGLO AMERICAN SUR S.A. (23.76%, $6.97 Billion)

4. COBRE CERRILLOS S.A. (8.54%, $2.51 Billion)

5. CEMBRASS S.A. (1.65%, $483.34 Million)

6. NEXANS CHILE S.A (1.61%, $473.8 Million)

7. COLADA CONTINUA CHILENA S.A. (1.56%, $456.94 Million)

8. SOC COMERCIAL RECMETAL COMPANI (1.45%, $424.37 Million)

9. BLUEQUEST RESOURCES CHILE SPA (0.93%, $274.34 Million)

10. CIA. MINERA SAN GERONIMO (0.76%, $223.24 Million)

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