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ten data blog24-04-2024

After falling for three consecutive months, the value of Canada's exports surged 5.8% in one month in February 2024 to a more than one-year high of C$66.6 billion. This increase, the largest since August 2023, was driven by a sharp rise in exports of metallic and non-metallic mineral products, which rose 31.1% to a record C$9.4 billion. Shipments of unwrought gold, silver and platinum group metals and their alloys, which consist primarily of unwrought gold, contributed the most to the increase, rising by C$2.0 billion, or 68.8%. Higher shipments of high-value refined gold and increased transfers of gold assets from the banking sector in February coincided with a sharp rise in gold prices at the end of February. In addition, exports of agricultural commodities, fisheries and intermediate foodstuffs rose by 9.7% in February, the strongest percentage increase since July 2023. In addition, sales of motor vehicles and parts rose by 3.8%, particularly passenger cars and light trucks (+3.0%).

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Canada's Top 10 Major Exports in 2023

1.HS Code:71340000013(35.31%, $257.27 Million)

2.HS Code:49070010(11.5%, $83.82 Million):Unused postage, revenue or similar stamps of current or new issue in the country in which they have, or will have, a recognised face value; stamp-impressed paper; banknotes; cheque forms; stock, share or bond certificates and similar documents of title: U

3.HS Code:8802400016(6.46%, $47.06 Million)

4.HS Code:8411228008(4.54%, $33.04 Million):Turbopropellers of a power > 1.100 kW (detailed label not available)

5.HS Code:3061499(3.87%, $28.23 Million):Frozen crabs, even smoked, whether in shell or not, incl. crabs in shell, cooked by steaming or by boiling in water (detailed label not available)

6.HS Code:8802300002(2.99%, $21.79 Million):Aeroplanes and other powered aircraft of an unladen weight > 2.000 kg but <= 15.000 kg (excl. helicopters, dirigibles and unmanned of heading 8806)

7.HS Code:71340000012(2.95%, $21.5 Million):Dried, shelled lentils, whether or not skinned or split

8.HS Code:88073000(2.9%, $21.15 Million)

9.HS Code:880240001000(2.82%, $20.55 Million)

10.HS Code:841191001000(2.79%, $20.31 Million):Parts of turbojets or turbopropellers, n.e.s.

Canadian imports rose by 4.6% in February to $65.2 billion, the highest level since June 2023, with all product categories posting gains. Notably, imports of electrical and electronic equipment and parts jumped 9.7% to a record $7.6 billion, driven by higher imports of computers and computer peripherals (+41.4%). In addition, purchases of metal ores and non-metallic minerals (+23.1%) and energy products (+10.2%) also contributed to the overall increase in February.

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Canada's Top 10 Major Imports 2023

1.HS Code:740311000000(69.32%, $13.79 Million):Copper, refined, in the form of cathodes and sections of cathodes

2.HS Code:8102990000(9.3%, $1.85 Million):Articles of molybdenum, n.e.s.

3.HS Code:720230000000(6.32%, $1.26 Million):Ferro-silico-manganese

4.HS Code:90111000000(2.9%, $0.58 Million)

5.HS Code:7604299000(2.55%, $0.51 Million):Bars, rods and solid profiles, of aluminium alloys, n.e.s.: Othr bars,rods profils of almn alloys nes

6.HS Code:90190000000(1.68%, $0.33 Million):Coffee husks and skins; coffee substitutes containing coffee in any proportion + detailed label not available +

7.HS Code:2833250000(0.91%, $0.18 Million):Sulphates of copper

8.HS Code:9011100000(0.78%, $0.16 Million):Coffee (excl. roasted and decaffeinated) + detailed label not available +

9.HS Code:530911(0.77%, $0.15 Million):Woven fabrics of flax, containing >= 85% flax by weight, unbleached or bleached

10.HS Code:722519000000(0.75%, $0.15 Million):Flat-rolled products of silicon-electrical steel, of a width of >= 600 mm, non-grain-oriented "ECSC"

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