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After reading this article, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the largest pearl exporters in the United States. You will also find answers to these questions:

1. Which is the largest pearl exporting company in the USA?

2. To which countries does the USA export pearls?

3. What is the export value of the main pearl exporters in the USA in 2023?

Largest Pearl Exporters in the USA: Importer Wise Analysis

In 2023, there were approximately 51 pearl exporters in the United States. According to our pearl export data and reports, the USA exports pearls to 33 countries, including China, Colombia, and Belgium. Based on trade volume, INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY is the largest pearl exporter in the USA, followed by PRICESMART FOUNDATION and DUPONT SPECIALTY PRODUCTS USA LLC.

We provide Tendata's report on US pearl exporters (2023) in the table below.

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Top Pearl Exporters - Importer Analysis

As mentioned above, INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY is the largest pearl exporter in the USA. Looking at the entire year, in September 2023, the company exported the highest volume of pearls, corresponding to the annual harvesting period. In 2023, the company exported products worth over $347 million. The main HS codes for the company's exports are 47032100, 47032103, 480411190000, etc. The company exports pearls to 89 countries, including China, Japan, Indonesia, India, with 666 downstream buyers. Compared to the same period, the company's total export value in 2023 increased by +200.3%.

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PRICESMART FOUNDATION ranks second in US pearl exports with 13.22% trade volume. Besides pearls, the company also exports products with HS codes 190120, 852872, 210690, etc. The company primarily supplies products to companies in South America, with major trading countries being Costa Rica, Colombia, Jamaica, etc.

DUPONT SPECIALTY PRODUCTS USA LLC ranks third in 2023 with a 5.22% pearl export volume. The company mainly exports products to India, followed by China, Japan, Belgium, among 59 other countries. In 2023, the company exported products worth over $90 million.

pearl exporters,exporters,usa pearl exporters

Pearl Exporters in the USA: Foreign Country Wise Analysis

In 2023, the USA exported pearls to over 51 countries worldwide. China is the largest destination for US pearl exports, accounting for approximately 55.12% of the total exports of US pearl exporters. Colombia ranks second with 17.27%, followed by Belgium and Taiwan. You can refer to the table below to see the main supply countries for US pearl exporters provided by Tendata.

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