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According to Guatemala export data, Guatemala exported products worth $14.2 billion globally in 2023. This marked a -10.2% year-on-year decrease compared to $15.8 billion in 2022.

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Top International Trade Partners of Guatemala

The latest Guatemala export data reveals that 84.7% of Guatemala's export products were purchased by importers from the following countries: the United States (31.3%), El Salvador (13.2%), Honduras (11.5%), Nicaragua (7%), Mexico (4.7%), Costa Rica (4.5%), the Netherlands (4.3%), Panama (2.3%), Spain (2.1%), the Dominican Republic (1.6%), Belize (1.1%), and Japan (1%).

Based on Guatemala export data, from a continental perspective, 45.5% of Guatemala's exports went to Latin American countries in 2023, while 37.1% went to North American importers. Guatemala also exported an additional 11% of goods to European buyers. The proportions for Asia (5.8%), Africa (0.4%), and Oceania (0.2%) were relatively smaller.

Top 10 Export Products from Guatemala

According to Tendata's Guatemala export data, based on two-digit HTS codes, the top ten export products from Guatemala accounted for 58.6% of Guatemala's total export volume:

1. Fruits and nuts: $1.6 billion (11%)

2. Knitted or crocheted clothing and accessories: $1.38 billion (9.7%)

3. Coffee, tea, and spices: $1.32 billion (9.3%)

4. Animal or vegetable fats, oils, waxes: $1.1 billion (7.5%)

5. Sugar, confectionery: $775.2 million (5.5%)

6. Plastics and plastic products: $547.9 million (3.9%)

7. Paper and paper products: $449 million (3.2%)

8. Vegetables: $409.3 million (2.9%)

9. Beverages, spirits, vinegar: $402.6 million (2.8%)

10. Pharmaceuticals: $397.5 million (2.8%)

Guatemala export data shows that pharmaceuticals saw the fastest growth among the top ten export categories, increasing by 15.6% from 2022 to 2023. Paper showed the second-largest improvement in export sales, with paper products growing by 8%. Guatemala's exports of fruits and nuts were the only ones to see growth, increasing by 6.5%.

The most significant declines among Guatemala's top 10 export categories were in sugar, including confectionery (down -18.8% compared to 2022), knitted or crocheted clothing and accessories (down -16.7%), and coffee, tea, and spices (down -14.2%).

At a more detailed four-digit HTS code level, Guatemala export data reveals that bananas and plantains represent Guatemala's most valuable export products, accounting for 8.1% of the country's total exports. They are followed by coffee (6.7%), palm oil (6%), sugar (4.2%), knitted or crocheted jerseys and pullovers (3%), mixed-dose medicines (2.7%), knitted or crocheted men's T-shirts and vests (2.6%), spices such as cardamom and nutmeg (2.5%), knitted or crocheted men's shirts (1.9%), and melons, watermelons, and papayas (1.7%).

According to More Specific Hs Codes, The Top 10 Export Products from Guatemala Were:

1.HS Code:120991800012(42.8%, $0.9 Million):Vegetable seeds, for sowing : other : squash seed

2.HS Code:90831000000(12.49%, $0.26 Million):Cardamoms, neither crushed nor ground

3.HS Code:40012999(12.47%, $0.26 Million):Natural rubber in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip (excl. smoked sheets, technically specified natural rubber "TSNR" and natural rubber latex, whether or not prevulcanised) : Other: Other

4.HS Code:5407430000(5.55%, $0.12 Million):Woven fabrics of yarn containing >= 85% by weight of filaments of nylon or other polyamides by weight, incl. monofilament of >= 67 decitex and a maximum diameter of <= 1 mm, made of yarn of different colours

5.HS Code:8526100000(4.9%, $0.1 Million):Radar apparatus

6.HS Code:8907900000(2.74%, $0.06 Million):Rafts, tanks, coffer-dams, landing stages, buoys, beacons and other floating structures (excluding inflatable rafts, vessels of heading 8901 to 8906 and floating structures for breaking up)

7.HS Code:8409990000(2.49%, $0.05 Million):Parts suitable for use solely or principally with compression-ignition internal combustion piston engine "diesel or semi-diesel engine", n.e.s. + detailed label not available +

8.HS Code:7411100000(2.4%, $0.05 Million):Tubes and pipes of refined copper

9.HS Code:1704906500(1.81%, $0.04 Million):Gum and jelly confectionery, incl. fruit pastes in the form of sugar confectionery

10.HS Code:90832000000(1.29%, $0.03 Million):Cardamoms, crushed or ground

guatemala export data,export data,guatemala export

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