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In 2023, India was the largest rice exporter, accounting for 51.2% of the world’s rice production with an export value of $9.4 billion. India exported rice to 179 countries globally. Although India banned the export of non-basmati rice in 2023, causing a global rice price increase, it did not change the export policy for other rice categories. In this article, we will provide statistics on India’s rice exports to help you understand the rice export landscape of this country.

Who Are the Major Rice Exporters from India?

In 2023, there were 4,167 rice exporters in India. KRBL LIMITED was the largest exporter, accounting for 22.85% of India's rice exports. The following companies were also significant players:

1. KRBL LIMITED (22.85%, $1,617.69 Million)


3. D.D.INTERNATIONAL PVT.LTD. (4.42%, $312.98 Million)

4. SHIV SHAKTI INTER GLOBE EXPORTS PVT (1.85%, $130.68 Million)

5. TANNA AGRO IMPEX PVT.LTD. (1.79%, $126.63 Million)

6. AL-GYAS EXPORTS PVT.LTD. (1.78%, $126.2 Million)

7. MUKESH KUMAR AGRAWAL (1.62%, $115.02 Million)

8. EBRO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (1.62%, $114.98 Million)

9. HRMM AGRO OVERSEAS PVT.LTD. (1.59%, $112.22 Million)

10. GAUTAM GRAINS STORES (1.09%, $76.84 Million)

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KRBL LIMITED exported Indian rice to 242 importers in 74 countries, including major markets such as Australia, the United States, and Canada. SUPPLE TEK INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED, holding a 5.5% share, conducted 7,427 rice trades with 738 rice buyers in 83 countries, exporting over $800 million worth of rice. D.D.INTERNATIONAL PVT.LTD. ranked third with an export value of $300 million in 2023. For detailed trade information, visit Tendata.

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India's Major Rice Importing Countries in 2023

India exported rice to 179 countries in 2023. Oman was the largest importer, purchasing $1.5 billion worth of Indian rice. Iraq followed with $500 million. The top importers included Saudi Arabia, Nepal, and Iran. Detailed statistics can be viewed on the Tendata website.

1. Oman (22.31%, $1,578.94 Million)

2. Iraq (7.35%, $520.21 Million)

3. Saudi Arabia (7.09%, $501.67 Million)

4. Nepal (6.61%, $468 Million)

5. Iran (6.06%, $429.21 Million)

6. United Arab Emirates (4.6%, $325.27 Million)

7. Vietnam (2.85%, $202.02 Million)

8. United Kingdom (2.63%, $186.43 Million)

9. Yemen (2.58%, $182.81 Million)

10. United States (2.54%, $179.55 Million)

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How to Find Suitable Indian Rice Suppliers?

1. Trade Directories and Business Listings: Browse trade directories and business listings that usually list various Indian enterprises and rice suppliers. You can find potential partners by directly searching for product names.

2. Online Trade Platforms: Utilize online trade platforms such as B2B platforms and Alibaba International to find Indian rice suppliers. These platforms offer a convenient way to search, filter, and contact potential suppliers.

3. Customs Data Platforms: In the initial stages of market development, relying solely on trade directories and online platforms might not provide comprehensive information about Indian rice suppliers. A customs data platform like Tendata can help conduct thorough background checks on companies, providing detailed and specific customs data. This includes the company's reputation, rice quality, pricing, annual production volume, past buyers, and preferred countries for cooperation. Furthermore, these platforms offer access to non-public contact details of company executives, allowing direct communication with key decision-makers to obtain crucial information.

By leveraging these resources, you can effectively identify and engage with reliable Indian rice suppliers to meet your business needs.

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