Which Countries Are The Major Cheese Importers?

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Cheese is a beloved dairy product enjoyed in various culinary traditions across the globe. Understanding the key importing countries in the cheese market is crucial for exporters looking to tap into new markets and meet the demands of cheese-loving consumers. In this article, Tendata explores the major cheese importers to keep you abreast of market trends.

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1. United States:

The United States stands as one of the major importers of cheese globally. With a diverse population and a strong affinity for cheese, the U.S. imports a significant quantity and variety of cheeses from different countries. The demand for specialty and artisanal cheeses has been growing, as consumers seek unique flavors and textures. The United States is a lucrative market for cheese exporters, offering opportunities to showcase a wide range of cheese varieties from around the world.

2. Germany:

Germany is known for its love of cheese, and it is one of the leading importers in Europe. The German market offers significant potential for cheese exporters due to the country's high cheese consumption rates. Germans appreciate a wide range of cheese types, including both domestic and imported varieties. The demand for specialty and gourmet cheeses is particularly strong, providing opportunities for exporters to cater to the discerning German consumer.

3. United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom has a rich cheese heritage and a thriving cheese market. With a diverse range of regional cheeses, the UK imports a substantial quantity of cheese to meet its consumption needs. The demand for high-quality cheeses, including artisanal and organic varieties, has been growing in recent years. The UK offers a competitive market for cheese exporters, with a consumer base that values flavor, quality, and provenance.

4. France:

France, known for its renowned cheese production, also imports a significant amount of cheese. While the country has a strong tradition of cheese-making, the French market appreciates the diversity and flavors of cheeses from other countries. Importers in France cater to the demands of consumers who seek specialty and exotic cheeses that complement the local offerings. Exporters have the opportunity to tap into the French market by offering unique and high-quality cheeses.

5. Italy:

Italy, famous for its own exceptional cheeses, is also an important importer of cheese. Italian consumers have a discerning palate for cheese, and the demand for imported varieties complements the country's domestic production. Italy imports a wide range of cheeses from different countries to offer consumers a diverse selection. Exporters can target the Italian market by offering cheeses that complement or differentiate from the local Italian varieties.

6. Japan:

Japan has witnessed a growing cheese culture and is emerging as a significant importer of cheese. The demand for cheese in Japan has increased significantly in recent years, driven by changing dietary habits and a growing appreciation for Western cuisines. Japanese consumers embrace a wide range of cheese types, from traditional European cheeses to innovative and fusion varieties. Exporters can explore opportunities in the Japanese market by offering high-quality cheeses that cater to local preferences.

7. Canada:

Canada has a thriving cheese market, making it an attractive destination for cheese exporters. The country's multicultural population appreciates a diverse range of cheeses, including specialty and artisanal varieties. Canada's growing interest in culinary exploration and international flavors presents opportunities for exporters to introduce their unique cheeses to Canadian consumers.

8. Australia:

Australia has developed a strong cheese culture and is becoming an important importer of cheese. With a growing demand for gourmet and specialty cheeses, Australian consumers are receptive to a wide range of cheese imports. The country's multicultural population and evolving food preferences contribute to the increasing popularity of imported cheeses. Exporters can leverage this trend by introducing their unique cheese offerings to the Australian market.


Understanding the major importers of cheese provides valuable insights for exporters seeking to expand their reach and tap into new markets. The United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, and Australia are among the key countries where cheese imports thrive. Each market presents unique opportunities and preferences, allowing exporters to showcase their diverse range of cheeses and cater to the demands of cheese-loving consumers worldwide.

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