What Are the Major Commodities That Ukraine Imports?

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ten data blog14-07-2023

In this article, Tendata will explore the major commodities that Ukraine imports, shedding light on the country's import trends and highlighting the key trading partners involved. Ukraine, located in Eastern Europe, engages in significant import activities to meet its domestic demands and support its industries. By understanding the major commodities imported by Ukraine, we can gain insights into the country's economic landscape and identify potential business opportunities for importers.

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1. Refined Petroleum:

Refined petroleum is one of the top imports of Ukraine. As an energy-dependent country, Ukraine relies on imported refined petroleum to meet its energy needs. Imported petroleum fuels power various sectors, including transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture. Ukraine sources refined petroleum primarily from countries such as Russia, Belarus, and Poland, ensuring a steady supply to support its industries and infrastructure.

2. Cars:

The importation of cars plays a significant role in meeting Ukraine's automotive demands. Ukrainian consumers have a strong affinity for imported cars, particularly those from renowned international brands. The country imports a wide range of cars, including passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and specialized vehicles for various purposes. Key trading partners for car imports include Germany, Poland, and Belarus, providing Ukrainian consumers with diverse options and promoting economic cooperation.

3. Petroleum Gas:

Ukraine imports petroleum gas to support its energy sector and meet the demand for heating and power generation. Imported petroleum gas is utilized in industries, residential areas, and commercial establishments. It serves as a vital source of energy for heating systems, cooking appliances, and industrial processes. Key suppliers of petroleum gas to Ukraine include Russia and Belarus, ensuring a consistent supply of this essential commodity.

4. Packaged Medicaments:

The importation of packaged medicaments addresses Ukraine's healthcare needs. Imported medications and pharmaceutical products play a crucial role in the country's healthcare system, providing access to a wide range of treatments and therapies. Ukraine imports packaged medicaments from various countries, including Russia, Germany, and India, ensuring the availability of essential medicines to support the well-being of its population.

5. Garnetted Wool, Animal Hair, and Coal Briquettes:

Ukraine imports other commodities such as garnetted wool, animal hair, and coal briquettes. Garnetted wool and animal hair are used in textile manufacturing and other industries, while coal briquettes are utilized as a source of energy in domestic and industrial applications. These imports contribute to Ukraine's industrial and energy sectors, supporting various manufacturing processes and providing necessary resources for production.


Understanding the major commodities that Ukraine imports sheds light on the country's economic landscape and reveals its dependence on various imported goods. Refined petroleum, cars, petroleum gas, packaged medicaments, garnetted wool, animal hair, and coal briquettes are among the key commodities imported by Ukraine. These imports support crucial sectors such as energy, transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing. By recognizing these trends, importers can identify potential business opportunities and contribute to Ukraine's economic development while meeting the country's domestic demands.

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