Exploring India's Diamond Imports: Rough vs. Polished Diamonds

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ten data blog09-11-2023

Diamonds, often referred to as "a girl's best friend," are coveted for their beauty and rarity. India has a rich history of diamond trade and is a major player in the global diamond industry. In this article, Tendata will delve into the types of diamonds that India commonly imports, including both rough and polished diamonds, and analyze the trends in these imports.

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India's Diamond Import Landscape

India's diamond industry is renowned for its ability to process and transform rough diamonds into exquisite, polished gems. To maintain this reputation, the country relies on a consistent supply of both rough and polished diamonds, often sourced from various parts of the world.

1. Rough Diamonds

Rough diamonds are the raw, uncut gems that have been mined from diamond-rich regions across the globe. India imports a substantial quantity of rough diamonds each year. These rough diamonds serve as the starting point for the country's thriving diamond processing and polishing industry.

2. Polished Diamonds

India is renowned for its expertise in cutting and polishing diamonds. Polished diamonds, also known as cut diamonds, are the final products that adorn jewelry and other luxury items. India imports rough diamonds and, through its skilled artisans and cutting-edge technology, transforms them into polished diamonds of exceptional quality and brilliance.

3. Quantity and Value

India imports a significant quantity of rough diamonds to meet the demands of its diamond processing industry. These imports ensure a steady supply of raw material for the country's skilled diamond cutters and polishers. On the other hand, the value of polished diamonds is considerably higher due to the labor-intensive processes involved in cutting and polishing.

4. Cutting-Edge Technology

India's diamond industry continuously invests in cutting-edge technology and equipment for precision cutting and polishing. This technological advancement allows the country to maintain its competitive edge in the global diamond market, producing polished diamonds of exceptional quality and precision.

5. Market Trends

India's diamond import trends are influenced by shifts in consumer demand, market dynamics, and global supply chains. The industry is adaptable and responsive to market changes, allowing it to thrive in a competitive landscape.


India's diamond industry is a testament to the country's excellence in both importing rough diamonds and exporting polished diamonds of exceptional quality. The synergy between these two aspects of the diamond trade highlights India's role as a crucial player in the global diamond market. The ability to transform rough diamonds into polished gems of unmatched brilliance is a testament to India's craftsmanship and technological innovation. As the diamond industry continues to evolve, India's expertise in both rough and polished diamonds will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this glittering trade.

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