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ten data blog21-12-2023

The world of vehicle imports is dynamic, with various players shaping the landscape. As of 2023, the top 10 global vehicle importers showcase a diverse mix of entities, each contributing significantly to the industry's vibrancy.

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With an imposing 13.17% import share, the DEPT. OF STATE SECURITY SERVICE is a major player, signaling a robust demand for vehicles within the security sector. This entity's $14,089.02 million import value underscores the significance of specialized vehicle requirements in global trade.


TATA AUTOCOMP SYSTEMS LIMITED, with a 4.52% import share and $4,833.36 million import value, exemplifies the role of large corporations in shaping the import landscape. Their substantial share indicates the influence of established automotive entities in cross-border trade.


The emergence of JV SAMARKAND AUTOMOBILE FACTORY LLC, with a 4.24% import share and $4,539.86 million import value, highlights the growing role of diversified players. This signals a shift towards a more globalized and interconnected automotive market.


The presence of MERCEDES-BENZ INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, holding a 3.78% import share and $4,046.47 million import value, signifies the enduring global appeal of luxury vehicles. The import value reflects the premium nature of their offerings, contributing to the high-value segment of the market.


TATA AUTOCOMP GOTION GREEN ENERGY SOLUTIONS PRIVAT, with a 1.89% import share and $2,018.73 million import value, introduces a sustainability aspect. The inclusion of "Green Energy Solutions" aligns with the industry's shift towards environmentally conscious practices.


BMW INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, with a 1.76% import share and $1,886.79 million import value, continues to be a key player in the luxury vehicle segment. The global appeal of renowned luxury brands remains a driving force in the import market.


MITSUBISHI MOTORS PHILIPPINES, holding a 1.69% import share and $1,809.5 million import value, exemplifies the significance of regional players. This indicates the diverse contributions from different parts of the world to the global vehicle import market.


ООО "AUTO MOTORS ASIA," with a 1.41% import share and $1,504.61 million import value, represents the involvement of entities from Eastern Europe. The inclusion of such players emphasizes the global nature of vehicle imports.

9. Công ty Cổ Phần Nhiên Liệu Phúc Lâm

The entry of Công ty Cổ Phần Nhiên Liệu Phúc Lâm, with a 1.28% import share and $1,365.32 million import value, reflects the role of companies with a focus on fuel-related solutions. This aligns with the industry's exploration of alternative energy sources.

10. Công ty TNHH Hệ Thống Dây Dẫn SUMI Việt Nam

Công ty TNHH Hệ Thống Dây Dẫn SUMI Việt Nam, with a 1.2% import share and $1,287.59 million import value, brings attention to the importance of specialized components in the import market. This entity's presence signifies the intricate supply chain involved in vehicle manufacturing.

vehicle importers,world vehicle importers,global vehicle importers


The global vehicle import market is a tapestry woven with diverse entities, each contributing uniquely to the industry's fabric. Businesses seeking opportunities in this dynamic landscape must navigate through the influence of major players, regional contributors, and emerging trends. The insights gained from the top 10 importers of 2023 provide a compass for businesses to find their path in this ever-evolving global trade scenario.

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