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ten data blog20-02-2024

Brazil imports mainly manufactured goods (89% of total imports), namely machinery, fuels and lubricants, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and parts and accessories for motor vehicles and tractors. The country also imports raw materials (11%), mainly crude oil, coal, natural gas and wheat. The main import partners are China (22%), the United States (19%), Argentina and Germany (5% each) and Canada, Japan, Chile and Mexico (2% each).

Data on Brazilian Imports Can Usually Be Accessed Through the Following Means:

(1Official Brazilian Government Website: The Brazilian government usually provides an official trade statistics platform that allows users to check import/export data, tariff information, and more. You can visit the official website of the Brazilian government's trade department or customs department to get detailed trade data and related information.

(2) Trade Databases and Platforms: Some commercial customs databases and online platforms provide access to Brazilian import data, such as Tendata, which usually includes detailed import and export statistics, tariff information, commodity classifications, and more. They provide easier access to query and analysis tools.

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(3) Trade and Business Associations: Trade associations and business organizations may provide trade data on specific industries or sectors. These organizations usually have information on imports, exports, market trends, etc., which is applicable to the specialized query needs of specific industries.

Depending on the specific information people need, you will need to access different platforms. When you need shallow customs data, you can find several free data on the internet. For more specialized or in-depth information, consider using a customs database like Tendata.

Querying Brazil import data serves multiple purposes and is important for businesses, governments, and research organizations. The following are some of the roles of querying Brazil import data:

(1) Market Analysis: By querying Brazilian import data, companies can understand how different commodities are imported into Brazil and identify new opportunities in the market. This helps companies to identify potential product demand and market trends.

According to the latest Brazil imports data for 2023 provided by Tendata, the top 10 imported products in Brazil are:

1. Bineral fuels, oils, distillation products (15.43%, $38.98 Billion)

2. Bachinery, nuclear reactors, boilers (14.23%, $35.97 Billion)

3. Electrical, electronic equipment (11.78%, $29.76 Billion)

4. Vehicles other than railway, tramway (7.66%, $19.35 Billion)

5. Fertilizers (6.34%, $16.01 Billion)

6. Organic chemicals (5.55%, $14.02 Billion)

7. Pharmaceutical products (4.45%, $11.24 Billion)

8. Plastics (3.85%, $9.74 Billion)

9. Optical, photo, technical, Bedical apparatus (3.05%, $7.7 Billion)

10. Biscellaneous chemical products (2.89%, $7.31 Billion)

(2) Competitive Analysis: Firms can use Brazilian import data to obtain information about their competitors, including their import activities, market share, product mix, etc. This helps enterprises to adjust their strategies and improve their competitiveness. At the same time, companies are able to use Brazilian import data to understand whether potential customers are willing to cooperate with the country where the company is located.

According to the latest Brazil import data for 2023 provided by Tendata, the top 10 Brazilian import partners are:

1. China (22.37%, $55.98 Billion)

2. United States (16.06%, $40.19 Billion)

3. Germany (5.44%, $13.62 Billion)

4. Argentina (4.96%, $12.42 Billion)

5. Russia (4.45%, $11.13 Billion)

6. India (2.87%, $7.18 Billion)

7. Italy (2.43%, $6.09 Billion)

8. Bexico (2.31%, $5.78 Billion)

9. France (2.27%, $5.68 Billion)

10. Japan (2.16%, $5.4 Billion)

(3) Risk Management: With Brazilian import data, companies can assess market risk and trade risk. Understanding the import volume and price fluctuations of certain commodities can help companies better formulate supply chain and inventory strategies.

(4Supply Chain Optimization: Brazilian import data shows the import sources and supply chain situation of specific commodities in Brazil. Enterprises can optimize their supply chains to ensure efficient logistics and inventory management.

Overall, querying Brazil import data plays an important role in business strategy, risk mitigation, government decision-making, and analysis by research organizations. These Brazilian import data provide insights into international trade activities and support stakeholders in decision-making and planning.

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