How to Use Netherlands Bicycle Import Data to Find New Customers?

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ten data blog21-02-2024

Netherlands has become the world's leading bicycle country, and there are plenty of reasons for it. The number of bicycles in the country exceeds that of its citizens, and even the Prime Minister often commutes to work by bike.

More than a quarter of all trips are made by bicycle; for journeys under 7.5 kilometers, this figure rises to over one-third. This stands in stark contrast to countries like the United Kingdom, France, and Ireland, where the proportion of trips made by bicycle falls to less than 5%.

The Netherlands government's most significant action to encourage cycling has been the construction of miles of bicycle lanes. Today, the Netherlands boasts over 35,000 kilometers of bicycle lanes; to put it in perspective, the country's road network is only 140,000 kilometers.

The city of Utrecht in the Netherlands is home to the world's largest multi-story bicycle park, capable of accommodating 12,500 bicycles.

Given the Netherlands' emphasis on bicycles, it is not surprising that there has always been significant demand for bicycles in the country.

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How to Use Netherlands Bicycle Import Data to Find New Customers?

(1) Analyze Netherlands Bicycle Import Data to Understand the Overview of Bicycle Imports in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an important importing country for bicycles. Germany and Taiwan are its main suppliers, accounting for over 60% of the Netherlands' bicycle import volume. In 2022, the estimated value of bicycle imports in the Netherlands is around 776 million euros. This figure has increased by nearly 100 million compared to the numbers in 2020. During this period, bicycle export figures also increased, reaching slightly over 800 million euros.

According to data from the Netherlands Statistics Bureau, the import volume of electric bicycles in the Netherlands is on the rise. More than half of the imported electric bicycles are manufactured in China. The Netherlands primarily exports traditional non-electric bicycles, with only 8% of exported bicycles equipped with electric assistance devices.

Netherlands bicycle import data shows a significant decrease in the foreign supply of bicycles and other bicycles in 2022, with a reduction of -14.9% to 3.2 million units. From 2019 to 2022, the annual average growth rate of import volume was +1.9%; the trend remained consistent, with only minor fluctuations during the entire analysis period. The most significant growth occurred in 2020, with a 21% increase. Import volume reached a historical high in 2021, with 3.7 million units, followed by a decline in the following year.

(2) Understand Netherlands Import Prices (CIF) Based on Netherlands Bicycle Import Data - 2022

Netherlands bicycle import data shows that the value of bicycle imports in 2022 has decreased to 873 million USD. From 2019 to 2022, the annual average growth rate of import value was 9.0%; the trend pattern indicates some noticeable fluctuations in certain years. The most significant growth occurred in 2020, with a 17% increase. During the review period, the import value reached its highest point in 2021, at 875 million USD, followed by a decline in the subsequent year.

In 2022, the average import price for bicycles was 274 USD per unit, with a year-on-year growth of 17%. During the period covered by this report, import prices showed a relatively stable trend. The most rapid growth was in 2014, with a year-on-year increase of 23%. Therefore, import prices reached a peak level of 281 USD per unit. From 2015 to 2022, the average import price has remained at a lower level.

There is a significant price difference among the main supplying countries. In 2022, among the largest importing countries, the country with the highest price was Taiwan, China (971 USD per unit), while Sri Lanka had the lowest price (83 USD per unit).

From 2012 to 2022, the most significant price growth rate was in Vietnam (+11.4%), while other major supplying countries experienced relatively moderate price growth rates.

(3) Understand the Major Bicycle Suppliers in the Netherlands Based on Netherlands Bicycle Import Data:

Determine the main importing countries or regions based on Netherlands bicycle import data. Understand the culture, regulations, and market characteristics of these regions to better position and attract potential customers.

1. Germany (1,480.3K units)

2. China (447,100 units)

3. Cambodia (169,500 units)

4. Taiwan (China) (132,600 units)

5. Lithuania (131,200 units)

6. Sri Lanka (102,300 units)

7. Czech Republic (101,900 units)

8. Philippines (77,800 units)

9. Hungary (65,500 units)

10. Turkey (64,800 units)

(4) Find potential distributors, dealers, or partners based on Netherlands bicycle import data. Enter the product name or HS code on the customs data platform to find specific contact information for businesses. Understand the business needs of these companies, import prices, and the types of products offered by other suppliers. Analyze whether these potential customers' needs align with your products.

Based on the analysis results of Netherlands bicycle import data, develop customized marketing strategies. This may include adjusting product positioning, pricing strategies, and implementing targeted advertising and marketing campaigns. Contact these businesses and establish partnerships.

Once new customers are obtained, ensure the maintenance of good customer relationships. Respond promptly to customer needs and issues, establishing long-term cooperative relationships.

Uncovering Foreign Trade Opportunities – Mainly Through Foreign Trade Data

Currently, the government has officially rolled out policies to support the development of the big data industry. In this era, customs data has become an indispensable part of the international trade ecosystem. The new approach to facilitating transactions in the Information Age involves constantly uncovering new business opportunities from customs data using big data analysis methods.

Shanghai Tendata's Foreign Trade Portal covers detailed customs data from 91 countries, (>>> Click to use data online for free) statistical data from 27 EU countries, millions of accurate and genuine buyer information, and detailed information on completed customer transactions. The system offers a one-click generation of 17 types of market data analysis reports, assisting management in making informed decisions effortlessly.

Tendata's foreign trade big data can help foreign trade companies in identifying, marketing to, and managing customers, as well as fulfilling orders with a complete set of products and solutions. In the future, Tendata will continue to explore products to cater to more scenarios within the export industry.

In summary, Tendata is a big data company and a pioneer in the Chinese trade industry, helping foreign trade businesses in customer development, market analysis, trade facilitation, and data output.

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