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How Much Demand Is There for Imported Vehicles in Vietnam?

Approximately two-thirds of Vietnam's population owns registered motorcycles, a quintessential experience of navigating through the motorcycle sea. Families often share a single motorcycle, and you might even spot a couple of dogs casually riding along with their owners.

While the quantity of imported Vehicles is still less than domestically produced ones, Vietnam has seen a continuous growth in the import of Vehicles over the last five years. The import figures reached consecutive records of 160,000 units in 2021 and 173,467 units in 2022. It's noteworthy that in 2021, Vietnam ranked as the 40th largest Vehicle importing country globally.

According to Vietnam's import data, from February 2023 to January 2024, the trade volume of imported Vehicles in Vietnam exceeded 540,000 times. Within the past year, 4,240 Vietnamese importers have brought in vehicles globally, with an import value surpassing $1.5 billion.

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Vietnam Primarily Imports Vehicles from the Following Countries:

1. China (29.77%, $4.57 Billion)

2. South Korea (14.57%, $2.2 Billion)

3. Thailand (10.5%, $1.6 Billion)

4. Japan (10.49%, $1.6 Billion)

5. Vietnam (8.6%, $1.3 Billion)

Import volumes from China, Korea, and Thailand have seen substantial increases compared to the previous year.

vietnam's vehicle importers,vehicle importers,vehicle importer

Chinese-manufactured specialty vehicles, which require more training to operate than regular Vehicles, constitute the majority of this category of imported Vehicles in Vietnam. They are often brought in via highways at the northern border of Vietnam.

Thailand serves as a major manufacturer of Vehicles imported into Vietnam. Notable models originating from Thailand and currently sold in Vietnam include the Toyota Corolla Cross, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla Altis, Honda HR-V, Ford Everest, Subaru Forester, and Isuzu Mu-X.

Top Three Product Categories for Motor Imports in Vietnam:

1. HS Code 87089900: 87032259

2. HS Code 85030090: 87082995

3. HS Code 39269099: 84073471

Vietnam mainly imports three types of vehicles: sedans with nine seats or fewer, trucks, and specialty vehicles.

How to Find Vietnam's Vehicle Importers?

To find Vehicle importers in Vietnam, you can follow these steps:

1. Online Trade Platforms: Search for Vietnamese Vehicle importers on international trade platforms. Some well-known trade platforms include Alibaba, Global Sources, and others. Importers found on online trade platforms are generally small buyers with low purchasing volumes, making competition challenging.

2. Industry Exhibitions: Attend international trade fairs and exhibitions related to the automotive industry. This is a crucial way to understand Vietnam's Vehicle importers. These events usually attract numerous participants from the automotive industry, allowing direct interaction to understand market demands and establish business relationships. Participating in local Vehicle exhibitions in Vietnam might incur higher costs but can yield valuable leads on Vehicle importers.

3. Customs Data: Utilize customs data, such as Tendata, to perform a one-click search for relevant information about Vehicle importers in Vietnam. You can see their imported products, import times, import prices, quantities, trade volumes, and more. With this information, you can quickly filter potential customers, bypassing traditional trading companies, online trade platforms, and exhibition approaches, opting for proactive marketing to acquire new Vietnamese Vehicle importers.

vietnam's vehicle importers,vehicle importers,vehicle importer

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