Which Countries Import the Most Clothes?

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Overview of Global clothes Trade Data in 2023

Based on global clothes trade data, the estimated scope exceeds $17 trillion, showing positive year-on-year growth, indicating the scale and growth potential of the market. Global clothes trade is expected to continue growing at a moderate pace of around 4% from 2023 to 2024, rebounding from a slow development period in the previous year due to the impact of the pandemic and economic uncertainty. The expansion of global clothes trade in 2023 conceals significant regional trends: traditional strong nations like China experience a slowdown in development, while emerging players like Vietnam and Bangladesh seize opportunities.

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Which Countries Import the Most Clothes?

According to clothes trade data, the top five countries in terms of clothes import volume are the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and France. The United States is by far the largest clothes importing country globally, accounting for almost 20% of the total import volume. Other countries importing significant amounts of clothes include Canada, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium. These countries are all members of the European Union (EU), which is the world's largest economic bloc and a major market for clothes.

clothes trade data shows that in 2023, the United States is the largest clothes importing country globally. Additionally, due to economic issues and shifting consumer preferences, the clothes import volume in the United States has decreased by 5%. Europe closely follows with a 2% decline, indicating economic slowdown. In contrast, Vietnam and Bangladesh, leveraging their competitive cost structures and specialization in certain categories (such as knitwear), have experienced an increase in import volume.

If you wish to delve deeper into specific segments or regions in this dynamic market, inquire with Tendata. We are eager to assist you in understanding the clothes trade in segmented markets through comprehensive reports using clothes trade data, shedding light on the areas of your interest. (>> Contact Tendata now)

Clothes HS Code

To delve into clothes trade data, understanding the Harmonized System (HS) codes is crucial. The HS code is an internationally standardized system used for classifying products in trade.

The HS code for clothes products is 6210.

Note: clothes is made from fabrics under headings 5602, 5603, 5903, 5906, or 5907.

When you want to know which 6-digit or 8-digit subcategories fall under the HSN code "6210," you can search for it on the Tendata platform. We provide you with more detailed statistics on trade volume, frequency, and other aspects of other clothes categories. Here is an example displayed by Tendata (for detailed information, contact Tendata).

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How Do I Export Clothes to Countries with Demand?

To become a leading clothes exporter, mastering clothes trade data is essential. clothes trade data can help you analyze market trends in target markets, decipher the clothes demands of your target customers, and quickly identify potential customers. Tendata is an ideal platform for exporters to analyze markets and discover new customers, providing the latest clothes trade data. When you need real and up-to-date global clothes import and export data, we are here for you! If you want to increase your company's revenue, contact us now for a free demonstration. (>> Contact Tendata now)

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