Who Are the Largest Automotive Parts Importers?

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Automotive Parts are components that can be used to replace malfunctioning machine elements with fully functional ones. They are typically kept as inventory and can be used to repair multiple automobiles that require upgrades or replacements. The Automotive Parts industry is a vast and continuously growing market. According to global trade data, the global spare parts market is expected to reach $15 trillion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.5% throughout the forecast period. Population expansion, urbanization, and increased industrialization have all contributed to the growing demand for spare parts.

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Is Exporting Automotive Parts a Good Business?

Selling Automotive Parts is one of the most lucrative businesses. Every vehicle eventually needs various parts replaced! As long as machinery and equipment exist, parts wear out or get damaged, requiring replacements. Parts can be significantly marked up, resulting in high-profit margins.

This is particularly true for specialized or hard-to-find parts. The spare parts market is highly competitive, especially for common or generic items. You need to devise strategies that make you stand out, such as offering reasonable prices, excellent customer service, or specialized parts. Among these, pricing is the most easily adjustable—you may differ only slightly from competitors' quotes. Therefore, in the global trade business, you must obtain the latest global Automotive Parts import data from reliable providers like Tendata to gain a competitive edge. Tendata provides a snapshot of global Automotive Parts export price data, and for complete data, please contact Tendata.

automotive parts import,automotive parts importer,automotive parts importers

Who Are the Largest Automotive Parts Importers?

According to Automotive Parts import data, in 2022, the international procurement total for imported automotive components amounted to $423.3 billion. The top five importing countries are the United States, Germany, Mexico, Mainland China, and France. The automotive parts or accessories imported by these top five buyers account for 46.7% of international expenditure.

From a continental perspective, European buyer countries spent the most on imported automotive components in 2022, with a procurement total of $182.6 billion, representing 43.1% of the global procurement total. North American importers ranked second, accounting for 31.3%, while an additional 19.5% of automotive parts were sold to Asia.

Smaller proportions reached Latin America (3.6%), excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean, Africa (1.6%), and Oceania (0.7%), with Australia and New Zealand leading.

If you are looking for the latest Automotive Parts import data, contact Tendata to enhance your competitiveness in the international market.

We understand that exporters of Automotive Parts often encounter difficulties when selling to other countries:

1. Not knowing which country has higher demand and higher profits for the Automotive Parts they produce.

2. Contacting many potential buyers online but communication breaks down halfway.

3. Encountering small wholesale quantities and low profits from buyers on Alibaba International Station.

4. Lack of corresponding parts exhibitions, making it challenging to connect directly with automobile manufacturers with high part demands.

5. The target market is too finely segmented, and they don't know how to find suitable buyers.


When exporters face challenges in expanding their markets, it is advisable to obtain Automotive Parts import data from a reliable trade data platform to help with market analysis and address pain points, enabling you to find buyers in the corresponding market. Tendata is one of the top trade data platforms, providing solutions to exporters' difficulties through real-time and accurate import and export data. For 19 years, Tendata has served over 80,000 importers and exporters. Contact us now for a free demonstration!

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