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Armenia is a small market facing long-term geographical and geopolitical challenges, including the closure of two of its four international borders. However, the Armenian economy continues to perform well, with a real GDP growth rate of 12.6% in 2022, driven by significant foreign exchange and immigration inflows, along with an improving business environment. After Russia's further invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, tens of thousands of highly educated technical professionals from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, along with hundreds of companies, relocated to Armenia, further supporting the already rapidly growing high-tech industry.

In 2022, Armenia's imports grew by nearly 64%, reaching $8.8 billion, primarily including petrochemical products, gemstones, consumer goods, vehicles, equipment, and machinery. The major sources of Armenia's imports are Russia, China, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Italy, Georgia, and the United States. In 2022, the United States exported goods worth $195 million to Armenia. The main export items from the U.S. to Armenia include electric motors, vehicles, precious metals, and poultry.

In 2023, Armenia's major import sources include Russia, the United States, China, Vietnam, Germany, Iran, Japan, India, Belarus, Italy, and others. According to the import data provided by Tendata, the specific information about Armenia's trading partners is shown below (for the complete version, please contact Tendata for a free demonstration):

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Top 10 Imported Products to Armenia in 2023 based on HS Code:

1. 49070030000 (16.03%, $665.82 Million): Unused postage, revenue, or similar stamps with a recognized face value; stamp-impressed paper; banknotes; cheque forms; stock, share, or bond certificates and similar documents of title: D

2. 85171300000 (3.13%, $130.01 Million): Smartphones for wireless networks

3. 2710194210 (2.23%, $92.78 Million): Medium oils and preparations of petroleum or bituminous minerals, not containing biodiesel, n.e.s.: Vacuum gas oil

4. 2710124130 (1.62%, $67.41 Million): Light oils and preparations of petroleum or bituminous minerals distilling at 210°C (ASTM D 86 method) with >= 90% by volume "incl. losses" (excluding biodiesel): Motor gasoline conforming to standard is 2796

5. 1001990000 (1.28%, $53.36 Million): Wheat and meslin (excluding seed for sowing and durum wheat)

6. 87029011900 (1.05%, $43.53 Million): Motor vehicles for the transport of >= 10 persons, incl. driver (excluding with a diesel engine or electric motor for propulsion): Integrated monocoque vehicle

7. 85287220010 (1.05%, $43.48 Million): Reception apparatus for television, color, incorporating a video recorder or reproducer

8. 87032410980 (0.97%, $40.16 Million): Motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons, incl. station wagons and racing cars, with spark-ignition internal combustion reciprocating piston engine of a cylinder capacity > 3.000 cm (excluding vehicles for the

9. 71023100000 (0.95%, $39.57 Million): Non-industrial diamonds unworked or simply sawn, cleaved or bruted (excluding industrial diamonds)

10. 7601100000 (0.91%, $38.01 Million): Aluminum, not alloyed, unwrought + detailed label not available +

In 2022, Armenia exported goods worth over $5.4 billion, a 78% increase compared to 2021. Exports were concentrated in agricultural products, metals (especially copper, gold, and iron), tobacco, and alcoholic beverages. In 2022, the main export destinations for Armenian goods were Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Switzerland, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Iraq, accounting for about two-thirds of all exports. Russia was the primary export destination, representing nearly half of Armenia's total commodity trade. In 2022, Armenia exported goods worth $780 million to the United States.

In 2023, Armenia mainly exports to countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, the United States, China Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and others. According to the HS code, we can understand the main products that Armenia exports. These products include gold, copper ore, tobacco, diamonds, aluminum foil, molybdenum ore, etc. Tendata provides you with specific export data for Armenia, offering reliable references for your imports. The following chart shows some of Armenia's export data (for the complete version, please contact Tendata for a free demonstration):

import and export data,armenia import data,armenia export data

How to Obtain Armenia Import and Export Data?

To find accurate and timely updated Armenia import and export data, you can log in to the Tendata platform and use the T-Discovery or T-iTrader functions. Just select the country "Armenia," and you can solve your export difficulties through three data sources and 16 reports. Whether you need market analysis for any product, you can use the insights obtained to make informed decisions.

As a reliable import and export data platform, Tendata allows global importers and exporters to use real-time updated import and export data to discover new opportunities, new buyers, and suppliers and enter new markets. For 19 years, Tendata has provided excellent services to over 80,000 importers and exporters. Please contact us now and get a free demonstration!

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